24 November 2014
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How to sell yourself

Create a well laid out CV crammed with your achievements. In it be positive by showing how you can turn a negative experience into a positive one. For instance if you were unemployed for a long time then explain how you retrained yourself and got a new job.

  • Do not go over the top by telling stories that are blatantly untrue and recruiters just will not believe.
  • Highlight specific achievements.
  • Use positive and active language.
  • Sprinkle your resume with language found in the job advert.
  • Stress your reliability, teamwork, and communication skills. 
  • If you cannot say something in a positive way then do not say it at all.
  • Show that you have a positive attitude and a can do approach to resolving problems.

Use power words and phrases like:

  • Able to cope under pressure.
  • Results orientated.
  • Demonstrate your problem solving abilities.
  • Ability to manage and supervise others.
  • Analyze information.

Do not use clichés  
Try to avoid using overused phases that can become meaningless and irritating to the reader. These can be a big turn off for some people.  

Use technical language
If you work in a specialized field then you will lots of jargon and buzz words that you can use to spice up your CV and make it more interesting. It can however be difficult trying to decide on which ones to use.

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User Comments

Bill Duncan said:
10/09/2012 Your examples, on the resumes were new and extremely well crafted in style, with excellent word selection and at the same time compact in content, and easy to read. My hats off to you for the best resume that I have seen in a long time. Got to go now, got a resume to rewrite. Have a good day. Sincerely, Bill Duncan

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