21 November 2014
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International relations personal statement

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More samples will be added to this page in the near future. YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO COPY THE SAMPLE BELOW BUT TO USE IT AS A GUIDE.

Example 1

"As the world becomes more intimately connected and inter-dependant as a consequence of globalisation, a solid grounding in the discipline of international relations is vital for anyone who wants to look behind the headlines and explore the key players in world politics.

I have always been curious about global affairs and passionate about finding ways to resolve international conflict, terrorism, nuclear proliferation and third world debt. It was college that I first became keen on this area of study, I had a really passionate teacher who aroused my interest in different political systems and the relationship between countries. This tutor took an intimate interest in the advancement of my abilities and greatly helped me to improve my essay writing skills, public speaking and ability to work productively. My enthusiasm was further increased when I discovered that there are many interesting careers open to graduates of international relations, especially involving overseas travel which is something I greatly enjoy.

Even though I find this constantly evolving subject to be rigorous and demanding I feel all of the effort is worthwhile as it is a very interesting topic that has given me a much better understanding of how the world in which we live works. I really enjoy the dynamic nature of studying Politics and International Relations and am particularly keen on researching European Union integration, territorial politics and nationalism.

I am confident that your course will equip me with the analytical research skills required for studying processes and factors in international and transnational relations. It will also give me a clear understanding of organisations such as the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU). These are all skills and knowledge that will help me gain a foothold in any future careers in areas such as the diplomatic corps, politics and government, journalism, charity work, relief and humanitarian work, the United Nations and international business.

To gain more relevant experience I have worked voluntarily as a unpaid administrative assistant for a crisis and security consulting company. Although a part time position it has given me an insight into areas relevant to possible future careers, namely; risk and threat assessment, crisis management plans, security audits and business continuity plans.

While I was searching for a suitable university I came across your course and it seemed a lot more interesting than what other institutions are offering. I have heard of your first class reputation that draws people from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. I really look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead at your university and am confident that your institution will exceed my expectations."

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User Comments

Anna said:
07/09/2014 This is good but at the end where you've written specifically to the university reading your personal statement is pointless! The uni knows it is not specifically for them and they will know that you have said the same every other uni reading it. So how can Uni A be more interesting than other institutions when it says the same to Uni B!? I'm sure you got in but I just thought id make the point.
Ahmad said:
22/10/2012 thank you for your guide to write a good cv very useful information

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