24 November 2014
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Jobs for disabled people

In the modern era there should be no jobs for disabled people that those with a disability should not be able to do as well as a non disabled person. This is partly due to the fact that currently in the UK there are many disability aids and assistance out there that that can help them to do their work as well as other employees.

Although disabled people may be hindered physically by a certain disability, much research and many studies have shown that they are just as capable as performing well at their work as everyone else. In practise in any work environment there should be no barriers or glass ceilings for a disabled person.

There is much legislation ensuring that everyone is treated equally, so suitable qualified jobseekers should feel confident when applying for any disability jobs. Today many responsible employers are committed to serving best practise when dealing with recruitment and applications from minority groups. Most tend to have in place a framework of procedures to offer help for disabled jobseekers from the wider community, these are in place to combat any discrimination. Public sector employers tend to monitor their recruitment and employment of BME staff as well as their retention rates.

In the United Kingdom a disabled person or those with a long term illness preventing them from work are also likely to get incapacity benefit. They can also get other allowances to assist them in getting back to work. These could be in the form of disabled grants or tax allowances depending on the salary of the job. All of these are designed to give more freedom and choice to those looking for disabled employment.

Advice for responsible UK employers
As a employer you should develop practises that are friendly towards disabled staff to assist them in their workplace activities. This could be simple things like providing a ramp for wheelchair users. You should also ensure that your employees get fair treatment in their career development and promotion prospects.

Government and local authorities can provide assistance to companies to encourage them to recruit more disabled persons. A good example of the resources available is the Access to Work scheme launched by the government which compensates employers financially for any expenses they have incurred in assisting a disabled person into work.

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User Comments

Simon Lee Mountford said:
21/04/2013 I am a mature male that has had many jobs and to many to mention, this down to having caught meningitus at a very early age. This has caused me nothing but problems due to companies or NHS providers getting rid of you if you have a disability, by the use of HR or Occpational health stopping your contract as they classify you as a liability rather than an asset. So I am always looking for a good employer that will help you to stay and develope into continuity of employment rather than people looking at the disability and its impact rather than the person. So I am looking for some mindful employment with prospects.
Glenn Dovey said:
17/03/2013 I had been working for a computer company were they kept making out I had a hygiene problem. I felt very intimidated by this I was asked to give my resignation yet I always got to work on time did what was asked of me but never felt part of the other staff. I am going through a solicitor to see if I have a case against him
Lewis said:
17/10/2012 I have been looking for work now for what feels like an eternity. I am blind in one eye cannot walk very well due to an old injury which has caused arthiritis and I'm only 30. There is no one who seems to want to give me a job even though I have many trade abilities and qualifications. The world of work is looking grim. Does anyone know of any companies who help disadvantaged people into employment? And please don't say the job centre .
joe said:
20/09/2012 i love the worlddddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! disabled ppl shuld be able to do whatever they want , apart from causing others pain obviousley ;]
Heather Taylor-Nicholson said:
20/05/2011 I have been dismissed on ill health grounds due to 14 months of vertigo and a diagnosis of a benign brain tumour - which may be in part the cause fo the above - being no longer able to work in a clinical area because I need a walking stick with the result, 32 years of nursing down the drain. I have now applied for early retirement in ill health grounds, hoping to get the lower rate, but the neurologist hasn't bothred to reply to the benefits agency request for information. ESA is at contribution levels and no decision yet for DLA due to the same problems with Dr's etc. I'm suck with dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration and yet no one seems to want to know now I've been forced to leave, even though I have tried to get small admin jobs, which now no longer exist. My funds run out in 4 weeks and I am faced with being homeless. And I'm one of the 'lucky ones'! Any help or advice would be welcome but I don't think it's out there. So where does tired, wobbly 50 year old start in term
melvin said:
26/01/2011 i have recentily been dismissed from my job at fresh pastures because i took time off with chest infections [i have copd]my appeal fell on deaf ears.i am looking for a job but with my condition i am not hopeful.so much for fresh pastures being a mindful employer

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