23 November 2014
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Recruitment agencies

These are independent companies who essentially find suitably qualified job seekers for employers. Through their experience and contacts they can help speed up the recruitment process by quickly matching candidates with vacancies.

In the UK the private recruitment and staffing industry is a £27 billion industry that provides human resource solutions to companies for their permanent, temporary or interim jobs.

There are thousands of recruitment agencies that are connected with every sector of the UK economy, many agencies specialize in specific industries. For instance some will focus only on recruiting executives while others will be experts in recruiting key staff in a certain geographical part of the country.

What are the benefits of a recruitment agency to job seekers?

  • If a person is already working full time they may not have enough free time to effectively look for better jobs. A recruitment agency can be searching on their behalf for vacancies.
  • Agencies may be aware of vacancies that have not been publicly advertised.
  • Candidates can use it as another tool in their search for work.
  • They are very useful in finding overseas work for their candidates.
  • They can give career advice by help you prepare for interviews.

Why do employers use recruitment agencies?

  • They do not have the Human Resources expertise in their industry that a specialist recruitment agency has.
  • It can be cheaper for them as they are basically outsourcing their recruitment needs.
  • It can be quicker for them as a specialist recruitment agency may already have someone on their books who is a suitable.
  • They do not need to tie up their managers or staff with going through application forms or CVs, interviewing candidates or other recruiting duties.
  • They can conceal their recruitment and employment needs from competitors.

How do recruitment agencies make money?
Every time they make a successful placement and fill a vacancy they get paid by the employer.

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