23 October 2014
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Writing a career objective statement

These are used to describe the experience, skills and abilities that you possess. They should be written with the job profile in mind and tailored to fit the job advert. They can increase your chances of being successful in the job application stage.

Career objectives should be placed on the first page at the top of your CV. It gives the employer a quick idea of whether you are suitable for the job advertised. It should therefore be positive, relevant and written to a high standard.

  • In your statement highlight those keywords and strengths that you want to emphasis to the recruiter.

Meeting the selection criteria
These are a list of written job requirements that applicants must demonstrate that they meet before they are short listed. It can sometimes be hard trying to decipher the jargon in job adverts. But once you do then focus your career objective statement on showing that you meet the selection criteria of the employer.

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