The word ‘consultant’ is derived from the Latin term ‘consultare’, which literally means ‘to discuss’. In a sense that is what consultants do, they discuss and give guidance on subject matters that they are experts in. They can be specialists in any particular field from management operations right through to various engineering sectors. Because of this extensive experience and vast knowledge of a particular industry, their main role in any organisation is to provide expert advice and direction to a companies employees, senior managers and various other third parties. The ultimate aim of any consultancy service is to improve a client organisations performance and efficiency.

Most consultant will either be self employed (working on a contractual basis) or employed by a consultancy firm. Because of this their CV is likely to be very  different from an average job seeker who has a nine to five job. However the immediate aims of the CV will be just the same as any other resume:

  • To connect quickly with the reader
  • Stress to them your most worthy abilities.
  • Convince them that you are the best candidate for the job.
  • Influence them into inviting you to a interview.

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Tips on writing a successful consultant CV:

  • Always focus on work experience and skill sets that are relevant to the job role.
  • Give examples of any consultation proposals you have written in the past, that have been implemented successfully
  • Demonstrate your analytical ability by describing instances where you have implemented solutions that have improved  a customers management procedures or  operations.
  • Name drop any prestigious blue chip companies you may have been contracting for.
  • Mention projects that you have led throughout the product life cycles to a successful conclusion.
  • Comment on the wide range of departments you have worked for.
  • Give examples that show your initiative, integrity and good work ethics.
  • Various sectors that you have worked across.
  • If you have ever provided any post consultation support then mention those as well.
  • Understanding of the latest industry related technology.
  • Communication skills.
  • Detail any project management roles you have held.
  • Do not include content that can distract a hiring manager from finding the information they are looking for.
  • Keep your CV to a maximum of two pages long.
  • Give percentages and figures of any cost savings or revenue increases you have been responsible for. For instance if you sourced a new supplier of services for your company that reduced operating costs by say 26%, then mention this.


Writing a consultant CV
A good curriculum vitae is more than just a summary of a applicants previous jobs, skill sets and academic qualifications. It must also be a document that demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and also shows off a candidates communication skills. The most effective way to achieve these points is to pay close attention to every part of it. When writing it you must focus on getting the right balance of appearing authentic, forthright and also diplomatic at the same time.


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