17 December 2018
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Substitute Teacher resume

Bing a Substitute Teacher means being part of a profession that is respected, rewarded, and celebrated. Its one of the few jobs where an individual can have a positive impact on the education and lives of young people. 

What do you need to show in a Substitute Teacher resume?
In your resume it is vital that you demonstrate that you can competently replace the regular teacher in their absence, and provide pupils with the highest level of teaching. Apart from listing your key skills it should also show that you are passionate about working with students, and are someone who will go that extra mile to get things done. 

In your resume show that you can;

  • Supervise and ensure the safety of children at all times.
  • Interact with, initiate and encourage children in any activities they are doing.
  • Help pupils control their behaviour using positive and appropriate techniques.
  • Perform duties as requested by the Lead Teacher, other classroom staff or Center Administration.

Do not forget to mention that are someone who can maintain a professional appearance at all times, and who can meet the physical demands of the role i.e. standing, walking, bending, lifting or performing any other work that requires physical exertion. 

To help you do this we have designed our very own Substitute Teacher focused resume. Feel free to use the words and phrases in these to create your very own interview winning curriculum vitae.

Substitute Teacher Crossword template

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Substitute Teacher resume Substitute Teacher cover letter


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