19 October 2017
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Workplace diversity

In any ethnically diverse workplace environment it is important that all members of staff are treated equally and fairly. The main benefits of this is will be that it will help to unite the workplace, who in turn will be more motivated, effective and productive. Contemporary diversity equality does not just relate to race, but also to age, gender, disability, i.e. wheelchair users. You will not just be dealing with discrimination but also issues like occupational bullying.

In some cities of contemporary Britain where there are established ethnic minority communities it is important that local companies, especially public sector employers in those areas practise positive workplace diversity policies. Within these companies it is the responsibility of those managing diversity to ensure that no workers or clients and customers of the company suffer any form of discrimination based on age, sexual orientation or disability.

As stated earlier in this article the benefits of promoting equality and getting diversity inclusion right are great, but the question is how is this done. Well for starters employers should have their own equality and diversity policy, have one member of staff like a diversity officer who knows about and is familiar with current legislation regarding workplace regulations. This person should be a good listener and communicator and be able to offer guidance and advice to management and also staff. Holding diversity training workshops will also help to raise awareness of different cultures will also help to being down barriers and stereotypes within colleagues in an organisation. To combat allegations of harassment and prejudice employers should have in place procedures to tackle and deal with them.

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