Business Managers help shape the development, impact and future direction of a business. They do this through the efficient and effective utilisation of a company’s available resources and personnel. To be successful in this role they must have an engaging personality, positive energy and the will to succeed. The role comes with a high degree of responsibility and the need to provide professional management and leadership to a wide range of people.

When building your Business Manager CV show that you can:

  • Design and implement new processes and initiatives in order to facilitate change across a business.
  • Develop customer engagement strategies.
  • Inspire individuals to do more than they think they can.
  • Track expenditure and keep unnecessary costs under control.
  • Work alongside teams in several different areas.
  • Set personal and organisational performance measurement targets.
  • Ensure that the right corporate image of the business is projected to its customers.
  • Actively monitor and control the performance of staff.
  • Effectively convey information both verbally and in writing.
  • Mentor and train up new employees.
  • Close sales during face-to face meetings.
  • Effect organisational changes.
  • Network with people from different social backgrounds.

Demonstrate that you are willing to:

  • Make difficult and unpopular decisions for the overall good of the company.
  • Do what is takes to make your company a success.

Show that you have:

  • The confidence needed to push through tough decisions.
  • Experience of working with blue chip companies and global brands.
  • A record of going above and beyond what is expected.
  • An impressive background of working for leading companies.
  • A creative track record of problem solving.
  • A consultative approach towards getting things done.

Show that you are:

  • An established and proven Business Manager with a track record of getting results.
  • Comfortable working in a target based environment.
  • Committed to your continued professional development.
  • Able to think strategically with a strong commercial understanding.
  • Committed to promoting the highest standards of best practice throughout the business.
  • Able to represent the company at networking events and trade fairs.
  • Comfortable with taking on extra responsibility.


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