This is a course that will help you to understand the increasingly interconnected and sophisticated world of politics.

You will learn about the cultural, social and economic forces that influence politics. On top of this students will study foreign affairs, public policy, as well as issues like health care, the environment, and immigration. The course will give you a comprehensive understanding of elections, political campaigns, protest movements, and political ideals. You will learn how to analyse rival political theories, different arguments and alternative explanations.

In addition to this students will develop their analytical reasoning skills and learn competencies that can be immediately applied to any job. These transferable abilities coupled with political knowledge can lead to a career where you can really make a difference to the world around you.

It’s an intellectually stimulating course that will not only improve your employment prospects but will also help you to build a firm foundation for further graduate study.

Online political science degree overview

You can study from literally anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection. Distance learning programs save you having to travel and means you do not have to stop working. Just because everything is done over the Internet does not mean you cannot interact with fellow learners. Rest assured that like on a university campus you will be able to engage and discuss with other students about important political questions of the day.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on a distance learning political science course

  • American Domestic Politics
  • American Politics
  • Bureaucratic Politics
  • Campaign and Elections
  • Comparative Politics
  • Economic Development
  • Electoral Politics
  • Election Law
  • Electoral Systems
  • Federal Government Structure
  • Foreign Policy
  • Geopolitics
  • Global Governance
  • History of Politics
  • human Rights
  • International Law
  • International Relations
  • International Security
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Law
  • Legal Systems
  • Modern Political Ideologies
  • Modern Political Parties
  • Political Analysis
  • Political and Civic Organizations
  • Political Behaviour
  • Political Development
  • Politics and the Media
  • political Institutions
  • Political Philosophy
  • Political Theory
  • Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Public Administration
  • Public Opinion
  • Public Policy
  • Research Methods
  • Social Justice
  • The American Constitution

Reasons to enrol on a online political science degree

  • You will receive the same qualification as on campus students.

Students will learn how to

  • Communicate political ideas persuasively and clearly.
  • Influence public opinion on political issues.
  • Debate politics effectively.
  • Apply the knowledge you have learnt to political situations.
  • Understand world events.
  • Define a political viewpoint or problems.

Students will learn about

  • Local, national and international politics.
  • The relationship between the government and the people.
  • The globalization of political institutions.
  • The origin and development of political institutions.
  • The political process in which decisions are made.
  • How politics affects society as a whole.
  • The different types of government.
  • How interest group can affect the political processes.
  • How governments work.
  • Voters influence what the government does.

Political science is ideal for anyone who

  • Is passionate about politics.
  • Enjoys public speaking, is opinionated and wants to talk about the important issues of the day.

Career prospects and roles for political science graduates
As it is such a specialised subject, it’s advisable to have a good idea of what you want to do with a political science degree before you actually enroll on one. For instance it can be useful to have one if you are considering a future as a;

  • Politician
  • Lawyer
  • Public servant
  • Academic
  • Political analyst
  • Researcher
  • Teacher
  • Journalist

It can also help when looking for work in:

  • Circuit courts
  • Congressional offices
  • District attorney’s offices
  • Interest groups
  • Law firms
  • Lobbying organizations
  • Municipalities
  • Not for profit sector
  • Political campaigns;
  • Public service
  • State legislative offices
  • State agencies

About this page
This is a resource page that will give you useful information about what you can expect to learn on an accredited online political science degree course. It also lists links to a selection of popular and relevant online degrees that are run by established US universities. We have focused on North America because at present most English language online courses are run by academic institutions based in the United States of America. Through the links on this page you will find out about the:
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Financial aid available to students


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