Sport is an important, and fast growing part of both the modern business world and contemporary society.

This course is suitable for both complete novices who want to learn about sports management, and also working professionals who are already in the sports industry, but who wish to build on their existing experience, through a structured programme of study. It’s an important first step for anyone who wants to know what goes on behind the scenes in the world of sport.

By learning the skills that employers are look for in today’s graduates, this program can help to turn an individual’s passion into a lucrative career. It is a high-quality, career-focused online sport management degree program, that can make a real difference to your future career prospects. It will enhance your knowledge in key areas and goes a long way towards turning you into a well-trained professional manager who is able to apply theory to any sports management issue. It will help you to come up with innovative solutions to challenging problems, and will leave you well qualified to run the business side of a sports team.

Curriculums and study material, will have been put together by experienced professionals who have a wealth of knowledge behind them. Modules will focus on sports management environments and how leaders can get the most out of athletes, trainers and coaches at all levels. Students will learn vital sport-specific knowledge and competencies that are recognised at both home and overseas.

Online sports management degree overview

The course can be completed entirely online, and is taught by people who have comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience of the industry. Lessons are taught through a virtual classroom, with students having 24/7 access to all their training material.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on a distance learning sports management course

  • Business Administration
  • Business Management
  • Events Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Fitness Management in Sport
  • Health & Fitness
  • Human Resources
  • Introduction to Sports Management
  • Marketing for Sport
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Olympic Studies
  • Operations Management
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Education
  • Player Representation
  • Sports Administration
  • Sport Development
  • Sports Facilities Management
  • Sports Law
  • Sports Tourism
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Sport Marketing
  • Ticket Operations

Students will learn how to

  • Sign up new players.
  • Arrange for the accommodation and travel of sports people.
  • Make executive decisions.
  • Organise training sessions.
  • Negotiate salaries with owners and also sports people.
  • Apply the fundamental concepts of management to the world of sports.
  • Plan sports and recreation programs.
  • Evaluate a athletes performance.
  • Apply new technologies to sports management.

Students will learn about

  • Managing budgets.
  • How to generate publicity by issuing press releases and talking to the press.
  • The current and important issues in the world of sport.
  • The international sporting community.

Career prospects and roles for sports management graduates
A degree award can lead to a job where you will work with other professionals like coaches, scouts and fitness specialists. The course can also help working professionals transfer from one career path or industry to another.  It will help you to launch or advance a career in areas such as;

  • fitness facility management
  • government departments
  • health and fitness industry
  • leisure management
  • professional sports organizations
  • park management
  • recreation departments
  • sporting goods manufacturers
  • sports companies
  • sports organisations
  • sports management agencies
  • school and college sports departments

Possible job roles can include;

  • gym instructor
  • head coach
  • sports agent
  • sports scout
  • ticket managers

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