27 March 2017
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Boolean search
You can search the jobs we have advertised on this site by entering specific keywords or phrases, like a job title or a skills set into the keywords box. This can help you greatly in quickly finding the job your after. This is where a boolean search comes in, a boolean search allows you to build up a search string of words to be searched for. You can use the words: AND, OR, AND NOT, in a boolean search.

Here are some examples:

AND - If you type in the words sap AND consultant then you get back results that include both the words sap and consultant but the words may not be next to each other in the job title or description.

OR - If you type in the words sap OR consultant then you will get back results that contain either of the words sap or consultant but the words may not be next to each other in the job title or description.

AND NOT - If you type in the words sap AND NOT consultant, then you will get back results that include the word sap but not consultant.

Search by Quotation Marks
You can use quotation marks to search for phrases and combined words in a specific order and that are next to each other. For example if you want to search for a project manager then you should type in "project manager".

Jobs basket
Why not use our jobs basket to help you in your job applications? The job basket tool allows you to store jobs you want to apply for and then continue searching for more vacancies adding more jobs you are interested in to your jobs basket as you go along. Once you have finished searching for jobs you can apply to all the jobs you have stored in one go. It's a very useful tool and can save you a lot of time, to use the jobs basket facility you must register with dayjob first.

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