16 December 2018
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Career Advice in helping you apply for public sector jobs

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As a jobseeker you should always be looking for and willing to accept any helpful career advice or guidance when searching for public sector jobs or indeed employment opportunities in any field.
On this page we aim to give you links to free helpful careers advice articles on a wide range of subjects and topic which we feel will be useful to you in finding job vacancies and applying for them. The career advice and support we offer covers many topics, and can relate to young people at university looking for graduate jobs in human services, or employed people looking for public sector jobs because they want new challenge and a career change. You may need career guidance on help with choosing a work environment at the start of your working life, or simple CV advice. You need to think very carefully about deciding which industry of employment to go into, this is why careers guidance is so important. For instance you should ask yourself questions like do you want a job with a salary that pays an above average wage, or a job which has a career development programme that allows you to progress into management. Or maybe you need to be shown which national employers are hiring, our career advice section will show you in which national newspapers or job sites large companies are advertising their career opportunities on. Below are just a few fundamental questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to be employed in a small company in a job where you have more responsibility and have a greater chance of getting promoted?
  • Do you have the necessary skills and qualifications for that work role? If not you may need employment advice on career training to help you apply for and secure that role.
  • Are you looking for temporary work or do you want a long-term permanent job, what are the advantages and disadvantages of either of these?

Having good CV writing skills is essential to producing a quality curriculum vitae, that will be noticed by any human resources manager. We can offer you outplacement advice that will get you noticed.. Below there are articles offering jobs advice on how to sharpen up your interview skills and get practical interview advice on how to improve your performance at those all important first meetings with a potential employer. Get helpful career advice tips on how to answer those difficult questions that an interviewer can throw at you.

Useful curriculum vitae and career links:

CV examples

How to write a CV

Interview questions and answers

Architect jobs
Architects are involved in the technical design and planning of buildings, they work with designers, surveyors, engineers and construction workers.

Biochemical Engineer jobs
everything you need to know about having a job as a biochemical engineer

Care manager jobs
Job description for care manager jobs and also job search tool to find jobs in this field

Career Fairs
The advantages of attending job fairs and meeting the HR departments of employers directly

Charity jobs
Working for a charity, NGO or a voluntary organisation can give you the satisfaction of doing ethical work like relieving poverty or protecting the environment. There are many well paid jobs available like being a fundraiser or working in charity shops.

Civil Service Jobs
Civil service jobs explained and their role within the public sector

Clinical scientist jobs
Clinical scientist jobs are based in laboratories and focus on research and development

Contractor umbrella companies
These umbrella companies assist contractors by helping them avoid having to deal with IR35 legislation and not have to set up a limited company. They do this by taking on the role of their employer and invoicing a contractors clients.

Customs jobs
As a customs and excise officer one of your main jobs will be inspecting cargo at airports, sea ports and postal locations to ensure the correct customs duties are levied.

Disability jobs
Find the latest disability jobs in the UK and also useful career resources and employment advice

Diversity Initiatives
How to monitor diversity initiatives in public sector organisations and also private sector companies

Diversity jobs
Public sector employers that advertise diversity jobs do so to promote equality diversity and inclusion

English teacher jobs
Below is a list of the latest English teacher jobs from this and other sites.

Environmental conservation jobs
Get a job in conservation and look after the environment

Fire service jobs
The fire service is part of the emergency services and has many public sector jobs available

Geologist jobs
A job as a geologist means you will be working on raw materials and the earth's energy resources

Health and Safety Adviser jobs
Help create a safer working environment by becomeing a Health & Safety Adviser [HSA]

Health and safety consultancy
These consultants provide expert advice on workplace health and safety, and give guidance on the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and recommendations on issues like safety regulations, workplace accidents and safety laws.

Healthcare jobs
Working and having a job as a healthcare professional

Highways Agency jobs
The Highways Agency are responsible for the motorway and road network sstem of England.

Human resources manager jobs
Human resources manager jobs and adviser jobs are based in personnel departments

Immigration Lawyer
As a specialised lawyer you will advise your clients on legal matters relating to immigration issues. Immigration solicitors give guidance on issue like applying for a visa, asylum seeker application cases or the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or HSMP.

Inland Revenue jobs
The Inland Revenue employs over 88,000 staff and recruits and advertises for hundreds of jobs vacancies every year

IR35 accountants
Accountants who advse on tax issues and on IR35 are financial experts who help contractors get through complex legislation related to PAYE, disguised employees, corporation tax returns, and the advantages and disadvantages of umbrella companies.

Job clubs
job clubs offer your support in finding employment

Laboratory technician jobs
Laboratory technicians work in the science and medical fields

Legal cashier / administrator jobs
Legal cashiers and administrators tend to work in courts or solicitors offices

Legal executive jobs
Legal executives work within the legal profession usually as solicitors

Midwife jobs
Get the job description for being a midwife

Online courses
Advantages of doing online courses / training

Pest Control Officer jobs
Having a job as a pest control officer and the duties

Physiotherapy jobs
Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who help patients through physiotherapy gain mobility after accidents or Illnesses

Primary school teacher jobs
The educational sector and where to find primary school teacher jobs

Probation officer jobs
As a probation officer you job will be to monitor and rehabilitate offenders who are on parole.

Public Sector Jobs
Explaining the basics of pubic sector employment, like council jobs or working for the local authority

Radiographer jobs
Find out a radiographer's salary and job descripton

Social worker jobs
Learn about finding and applying for social worker jobs and work in the community

Solicitor jobs
A solicitor or lawyer is someone who has learnt and interprets law and can act on behalf of their clients to represent them in a court of law, whether it be a County court, Magistrates' court or a Crown court.

Systems analyst jobs
A systems analyst will work in a organisations IT department with a business analyst and other software engineers

Systems support staff jobs
Systems support staff jobs will work in the IT departments of public sector organisations and also private companies

Teaching jobs
Teaching jobs mean you will work in schools colleges or universities and other educational establishments

Trade Unions
the trade union movement can improve working conditions

Training officer manager jobs
Training officer manager jobs and what the job description entails

Trichologist jobs
A trichologist is a healthcare worker who treats hair disorders and scalp disorders

What is SAP
Basic history of the SAP software

Youth worker jobs
Youth workers engage with, supervise and look after the interests of young people under their care. Giving them support and advice on issues like their education, relationships and career and social development.

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