24 November 2014
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Blank CV template

This page is helpful to job seekers for two reasons. Firstly they will find links to a expanding range of professionally created blank CV templates and secondly they will also get useful advice and hints on how to fill in the bare sections of these samples. Both these factors; our growing list of modern resume examples, coupled with our expert guidance on what to write in them can go a long way in helping candidates to produce a superb interview winning document.

Every one of the templates below has been expertly designed to maximise a applicants chances of getting noticed. They are not your average stereotypical and boring blueprints, but have been specially crafted for success by being inspiring, captivating and concise. So ease the anxiety and uncertainty of how to write a resume by finding the layout that is perfect for your requirements and above all gets you results.

Each of the examples below are in MS Word format, downloadable and fully editable. After downloading them all you need to do is simply fill in each clearly marked section.

Blank CV template examples in Microsoft Word format:

Blank CV template example 1

Blank CV template example 2     (Ideal for job seekers who do not have much work experience or many skill sets).

Blank CV template example 3    (Superb 1 page design, ideal as a resume).

Blank CV template example 4    (Professional 2 page layout).

Blank CV template example 5    (Simple 1 page format, suitable for job seekers with little work experience).

Blank CV template example 6    (Modern looking single page CV design).

Blank CV template example 7    Two page CV.

Blank CV template example 8    One page layout.

Blank CV template example 9    Two page design.

New unique and blank curriculum vitae’s being added all the time
Our mission statement is to have the largest number of FREE blank CV template examples on the Internet. To achieve our aim this page will be constantly updated, with new designs and layouts being uploaded on a regular basis. So if you don’t find the right one today then keep coming back and check out the latest additions.

How to choose a original layout that suits you
Remember that when it comes to finding the most ideal CV template, there is no ‘one size fits all‘. Choosing the design that perfectly fits your requirements depends on the length of your:

  • career
  • relevant work experience
  • academic qualifications.

While some designs may be too small for you, not having enough room to fit in all of your essential information and data. Others may be too big and have more than enough space. A effective resume must make you stand out, be relevant and get the recruiter interested in you. If it achieves all of these three objectives then you are sure to be invited to a interview.

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User Comments

Elena said:
26/08/2014 Thank you very much.
max taylor said:
22/08/2014 Hi, I really like those templates. I looked a lot on the web over the last weeks and I recently found a website where they sell really nice and beautiful resume/cv templates. It was difficult to find tempaltes intergrated in Microsoft Word because it is usally intergrated in Adobe Photoshop or Indesign, but I found one. Really professional resume : I hope this helps people like me.
Indra said:
25/06/2014 Thank you so much... These templates are perfect for me
stuart said:
03/03/2014 great site
Marcus Mothiba said:
20/02/2014 Very beautiful designs, modern and elegant. Thank you so much.
15/01/2014 Thank u your help
24/11/2013 really exciting and good for me , is wonderfull desined and templates are very goood
31/10/2013 Thanx
ahmed said:
19/10/2013 thanks provide me help about making cv. pleas insert the patron of cv according to every filled. because thy make the more help full..... thanks
David said:
18/10/2013 thank you .....
Jamie said:
10/10/2013 thanks Dayjob
nikita said:
24/09/2013 thanks for the help....
kelera said:
14/09/2013 thank you
Moses Faseyi said:
05/09/2013 You're really helping, we thank you so much. I definitely got my own here.
christine said:
27/08/2013 I really got help thank you so much
MD. jakir Hussen said:
06/07/2013  I have got the help
ayaz khan said:
04/04/2013 I have make a cv please help me to make a cv
daniel said:
31/03/2013 it is equally helpful if a well organized would be made available for undergraduate students.
Huzefa [hoje] said:
15/03/2013 thank you very much... designs and templates are very helpful... :] but i think there is still lack of a very professional looking CV.
kattula ajay raju said:
21/02/2013 very helpfull
ahmed said:
08/01/2013 good job thanks
claire bell said:
27/10/2011 i need to update my cv

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