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Building an ATS optimised CV

By: Iejaz Uddin

CV builder ATS friendly free

Recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS for short) to electronically filter candidates.

This automated piece of software screens, searches and stores CVs for keywords and can reject up to 75% of job applications before they are even seen by a human being.

Our CV Maker will create a CV that is ATS compliant by getting the keyword optimization balance right and by using ATS friendly formats, fonts, layouts and bullet points.

Pre-written examples to create your CV

Lost for words and not sure how to explain your skills, experience or work duties?

Don’t worry, we have 1000’s of expertly written and keyword optimised examples that are suitable for 100’s of different job roles.

Scroll through our pre-written role specific duties and skills suggestions and select those relevant to the position you are applying for.

CV builder examples of skills

Make a matching cover letter

Make a matching cover letter

A cover letter can be an ambassador and introduction to your CV or Resume. With our Builder you don’t have to write one from scratch.

Our ready to use templates have professionally organised structures and superbly balanced beginning, middle and ends.

In no time you’ll have a document explaining why you’re the best qualified candidate for the position.

How to use your CV builder

Below is a step-by-step guide that will take you through the CV building process. Follow it and create your best CV in minutes.

Choose a template

1. Choose a template

We have used our more than 15 years of experience in online recruitment to create a bank of templates that are guaranteed to get you noticed. They have a professional look without being over the top and are suitable for any industry, role, or experience level.

These ready made examples have sections for your contact information, personal profile, work experience, skills, and academic achievements.

They come with a readable font size, one-inch margins all the way around, and can be tweaked and formatted to your requirements.

2. Enter your personal information

Start off by filling in the blanks in the labelled text fields with your full name and contact details.

Remember to include your address, email and phone number.


  • Double check your spelling, the last thing you want is for a recruiter to be unable to contact you because of a typing error.
  • Don’t write CV or Curriculum Vitae alongside your name.
personal information
Personal statement

3. Add a summary with the CV Builder

This is a vital section that sits at the top of the page and is the first thing a recruiter will see.

As such it’s an opening foreword to your CV and should be viewed as an opportunity for you to immediately state who you are, the value you can bring to the position and your career objective.

4. Build on your work experience

Reinforce why you are suitable for the position by giving details of your previous jobs and listing the relevant duties you’ve performed and your achievements in each post.

Our online CV Maker has laid out boxes for your job title, employers name, location, start/end dates, and duties. You have everything already in place to explain any permanent, temporary, part-time or voluntary roles, along with previously penned content for all types of jobs.

CV Builder work experience
Insert your skills CV creator

5. Insert your skills

Use our CV Creator to show you have the soft and hard skills needed to justify an interview.

Search our vast list of role specific skill samples to find the ones that will show you are an experienced high performer.

You can find the competencies the recruiter wants in a candidate by reading and deciphering the job advert and then mirroring those keywords or phrases precisely in your CV.

6. Education and academic qualifications

Tailor your CV further by using our Builder to not only give details of your formal education but also any additional training or certifications you may have achieved.

Simply fill in the blank spaces with the names of your school, college and university as well as the subjects your studied and your grades.

Educational and academic qualifications for the CV Maker
Customize the look and layout of your CV

7. Customize the look

Finished, but want to change things? No problem, our CV builder allows you to add new sections like hobbies, as well as rearrange, or remove existing sections in just a few of clicks. You can keep altering the white space, line height, font size, and colours until you are fully satisfied with the end result.

8. Preview your CV

Review what you’ve done and how it looks in real time. If you’re happy then fine, if not then modify it.

Preview your CV and work
Build your skills up

9. Edit your CV to improve it

Follow the on-screen instructions if you feel the need to redraft a section, move things around or correct a spelling mistake.

10. Download

Finally, when you’re satisfied with what you’ve made you can download, print or save multiple versions of your CV in various commonly used formats.

Download the final version

Advantages of our CV Builder


Our CV builder draws on our company’s long and successful history of giving quality career advice to jobseekers. It is ideal for time constrained job seekers who want to quickly write a top notch and powerfully presented CV.

Our hassle and trouble free CV Builder has:


Templates for all types of jobs and people at any stage of their career

You have a wide range of clear, concise and high impact CV styles, templates, designs and layouts to choose from.


1000’s of professionally written examples

Got writers block and not sure what how to explain your previous duties, responsibilities or key skills? Don’t panic, we have thousands of expertly written samples that are suitable for every job and industry imaginable.


Quick and easy to use

A fool proof simple process that also includes a step by step guide which gives you expert hints and tips about putting your CV together. All enabling you to respond quickly to a vacancy by creating a CV promptly.


Make multiple CVs

You can even make multiple versions for different roles and download them in various formats like Word and PDF to suit a recruiters’ precise requirements.


Edit your CV much as you like

Access and work on your CV from anywhere, day or night 365 days a year.



Why use a CV builder?


Although the basics of CV writing have pretty much always been the same, a good CV builder can help to optimise it even further for the current recruitment market. It can not only help you save time, but also prompt you to include all of the below key points.


Work from home experience

Many public and private sector employees worked from since 2020. If you were one of them then include this in your CV.


Add experience and skills gained in 2023

Although this may sound pretty obvious, there are many job seekers who forget get to include any brand new skills they may have recently gained.


Online courses

Again, with all that extra time during the Covid lockdown you may have enrolled on a course, if so be sure to include this.


Update your personal summary

As this is the first thing a recruiter will read, it’s important that you include any new and relevant competencies in there.


Contact information

Make sure this is up to date and has any new phone number or email address.