About us

Our website is not focused on profits, but on our users. This is why our site is firstly, not polluted by adverts, and secondly gives free access to 1000’s of professionally written CV, Resume and Cover Letter templates.

Dayjob’s aim is to make quality CVs, resumes and cover letters accessible to everyone on the internet. Our eye catching examples are concise, uncluttered, relevant and attention grabbing. They will give job seekers real and practical help in getting ahead of the competition when looking for work.

Dayjob is highly popular, fast growing and gets a huge amount of traffic. The site is incredibly successful, with visitors increasing significantly every month. Our success is not just down to our templates, its also because our site is easy to use, and straight to the point, within a few clicks you get what you’ve been looking for.

Over 13 Million visitors in one year!
In a 12 month period over 13.1 million unique visitors came to our site!

For October 2015 our site had 1,274,491 unique visitors and over 4,179,671 pages views. In total we had job seekers from over 218 countries visit our site, with the majority of them coming from the UK, North America and Europe.

For the 12 month period between October 2014 to September 2015 this site had over 13.1 million unique visitors and over 44 million page views. The exact figures are;

October 2014 – September 2015    =   13,194,150 unique visitors
October 2014 – September 2015    =   44,345,721 page views

(All figures supplied by Google Analytics)

Mission statement
We want to change the way people write their CVs, and thereby improve their employment chances. By offering 1000’s of CV and resume templates and over 323 Cover Letter templates, we have already achieved our aim of being one of the largest CV template websites on the Internet, and now want to expand on this even further.

We strive to be known as a public service and a one stop shop for job seekers. Not only will candidates find the best CV, Resume and Cover letter templates on this site, they will also get useful and practical advice on how to SEARCH for, FIND and then APPLY for their ideal jobs.

Course and Training advice
Many of our visitors are actively looking to improve their careers by enrolling on courses and gaining qualifications. We have 100’s of expertly written and well researched pages dedicated to giving students sound information about educational matters. Our aim being to help them to choose the right course to improve their career prospects no matter what stage of life they are at. Due to the quality of our content and our single minded focus on employment issues, our site now attracts a huge amount of very targeted online traffic, which in turn means we can offer course providers an ideal online portal to reach their target audience.