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Need to write a strong CV, but not sure where to start? Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. Our site is dedicated to helping jobseekers write interview winning CVs. We do this by giving you free access to concise, powerful and compact samples that have been designed with a modern touch. They will make you look like a pro and stand out in every job application.

On this page you will find a list of ready made CV templates that have been professionally written and designed to the highest standards.

Whether you’re a student, professional or unemployed, we have something for everyone. No matter what job your applying for, our resources will help you to create a powerful impression on the right person for the correct reasons.

Browse the examples below, choose a layout that fits the image you want to get across, download it and make it your own. It’s as simple as that.


Latest CV templates

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Optical Assistant CV template 1 – 21st June 2021

Parts Manager CV template 1 – 22nd June 2021

Pensions Administrator CV template 1 – 23rd June 2021

Motorcycle Technician CV template 1 – 1 July 2021

Parts Advisor CV template 1 – 1 July 2021

Civil Engineer CV template 4 – 19 Jul 2021



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Free CV template

Free CV template

There is no right way to write a CV, but there are many wrong ways. Use this generic and white label template, that can be used to apply for any role, to show you are a perfect match for the job.


General CV template

General CV template

In a CV its not what you write, but what people see and read that’s important. This general purpose CV, which is suitable for any position, has a structure that will make you immediately stand out and be noticed.


Career Change CV template

Career Change CV template

Recruiters never ignore good talent and a well written CV is the first sign of that. When changing career write a skills based CV that shows your transferable competencies and ability to do the new job you want.


Skills based functional CV template

Skills based functional CV template

A skills based and functional CV are the same thing. They both place more emphasis on a candidate’s transferable skills and qualifications, rather than their work history. This makes them ideal for career changers.


School Leaver CV template

School Leaver CV template

Getting your first job is always going to be hard, mainly due to lack of work experience. Fix this problem with a special student CV that converts your academic achievements to look like job related know how.

In a graduate, employers want to see enthusiasm, ambition, a fresh mind and future potential. Use this template to do this and also demonstrate your understanding of a prospective employers industry and products.

Also known as a traditional CV, it is one of the most commonly used formats. Its favoured by employers because it’s straightforward, easy to scan and gives a clear overview of a candidates work experience and career progression.



Unemployed CV template

Unemployed CV template

Employers won’t reject you just because you’re out of work. If you have gaps in your career, then use this template to show you’ve been proactive during your time off i.e. you’ve learnt new skills or taken up voluntary work.



Promotion CV template

Promotion CV template

Looking for promotion? then this one’s for you. It can be used to clearly show the progression and advancement you have achieved through your career not only as regards to job titles but also duties and responsibilities.


Academic CV template

Academic CV template

A unique format that allows you to outline your credentials for any academic position, fellowship, or grant applications etc. This 3 page template has extra sections for awards, research, funding, citations & publications.


Photo CV template

Photo CV template

Some jobs and countries (but not all) require the candidate to provide a  photo of themselves. This stylish template has room for one and allows you to personalise your CV even more by adding a head shot to it.


Achievements CV template

Achievements CV template

Don’t be modest or quiet about your achievements or any awards you have won. This layout gives you plenty of space to list them in a way that will impress prospective employers and set you apart from others.

Frequently asked questions


What is a CV template?

They are pre-formatted and ready-made MS Word documents that can serve as a starting point for your CV. If used correctly they can make your job hunting  easier and more successful.

Typically, they are two pages long and contain sections for a candidate’s contact details, personal summary, career objective, work experience, professional skills, achievements, academic qualifications and references. These fields can be easily changed to fit the type of job you’re after and the work you do.

Many of them make good use of eye catching formats, colors, layouts and designs so as to stand out and be visually appealing.


Why use a CV template?

It’s the CV that’s never started that takes the longest to finish. Templates are a great tool for helping you make that all important first step. They are ideal if you’re starting from scratch, as the initial groundwork has been done and all you need to do is simply fill in the various sections with your own information.

There are other benefits as well. Many creative ones have unique, interesting, uncluttered and easy to follow layouts. This ensures consistency throughout your CV and also makes them easy to scan and read. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to have a great looking one.

Furthermore, they also come in many different formats, making them suitable for all types of roles for people from all walks of life and at any stage of their career.

Last but not least, they shorten the time it takes to write a professional ATS compatible CV and simplify the process, taking away a lot of the related stress and headache.


Why is a good CV template important?

The presentation and layout of your CV can be just as influential as what you write in it. A good design can do two key things, distinguish you from others and impress a potential recruiter with your communication skills.


Which one should I use?

There is no simple answer or golden rules for this. The only ‘right’ template is the one that gets you noticed, highlights your skills and most importantly gets you invited to job interviews.

The good news is we have many templates (designed for different roles and circumstances) that you can experiment with to find or develop the one that gets you results.

Its advisable to begin with one that is closest to your circumstances and appropriate to the position you are applying for. If that doesn’t work, then you choose another and start over again.


Are yours free?

Yes, they are completely free to download, edit and use. There is no need to register on our site or open an account, you can use them right away to get started on your job search.


How do I edit them?

Being MS Word files and fully customizable, all you have to do is download them, save them to your computer and then update them using a common text editor. You can change their colors, fonts, and styling details to create a personalized CV that is as individual as you are.



CV template




Can be used to apply for any role

The first hurdle to getting a job is to win an interview. This universal CV is designed to help you do that. It’s a superb marketing tool that can link your expertise to the job you are applying for.



You have a much better chance of standing out if you write a CV specifically aimed at just one position.

To do this you need to get into the mind of the employer and find out exactly what they are looking for in a applicant.

Get this key information by reading the job advert to identify the qualities, skills, qualifications and experience the employer seeks.

Note the words, phrases and terminology that are used in the job description and then mention these precisely in your CV.


Focus and be concise

Try to ensure that every section of your CV from the personal
summary, career history, areas of expertise right down to your academic qualifications is relevant to the role you want.


Use the infographic below as a guide on how to get past these electronic guard dogs.




Adaptable to change and never getting too attached to doing things a certain way.

Can quickly familiarise myself with new ways or working.

Open to changing arrangements at short notice.

Prioritising important tasks and making sure they are done first.

Willing to learn from mistakes or criticism and then change behaviour accordingly.



A good listener and talker who can hold a conversation with complete strangers.

Able to make others relaxed and comfortable in my presence.

Assertive in interpersonal work related relationships.

Clearly explaining complex concepts in a clear manner.

Diffusing difficult or emotionally charged situations.

Forming strong trusting relationship’s with work colleagues.

Have the ability to understand as well as be understood.

Making people feel that their views are being listened to and valued.

Patient by nature and able to deal with difficult or obnoxious customers.


Emotionally strong

Able to manage the daily stresses and strains of a busy environment.

Emotionally resilient and able to deal with upsetting and stressful situations.

Never backing down from a challenge.

Never getting flustered or rattled when the pressure is on.

Not afraid to stand up to wrong doing.



Able to take constructive criticism from others.

Applying common sense to situations.

Can handle criticism, put-downs, arrogance, persistence or patronising behaviours.

Knowing when to act as a friend and when to act as a work colleague or leader.

Not blaming others when I make a mistake.

Showing maturity in outlook, attitude and appearance.

Trustworthy and able to work in highly confidential environments.

CV samples by Category



Manager CV template




Need a CV for a Managerial position? 

It’s a common problem, you want to apply for a senior post, but don’t have a Curriculum Vitae that you’re comfortable with.

You’ve got the experience, qualifications and skills, but not the CV. That’s not the only problem, writing one to the standards expected at this level is not easy.

Not to worry. This tasty looking and easy to digest CV is ideal for applying for those high end management positions.

It’s a 2 page MS Word template has been fully written up and is ready to use.

With a concise design and clearly laid out sections you can quickly showcase your ability to;

  • Get results through others.
  • Enthuse and develop staff.
  • Administering disciple into a team.
  • Get everyone pushing in the same direction.
  • Bringing out the best in a team.
  • Cope with changing priorities.



Below are some general and transferable skills that can be used to buff up any CV being used to apply for a senior position. Use them to show you can build a motivated and high performing team through effective leadership, line management and mentoring.


Managing staff

Can manage both high and low performing members of staff.

Committed to promoting fair equal opportunities in the workplace at all levels.

Creating a happy and relaxed atmosphere in the store so that employees feel good and work hard out of loyalty.

Dealing with all staff appraisal and disciplinary matters.

Delegating work according to an employee’s abilities and skills.

Encouraging positive work habits in all staff.

Evaluating employee performance through the review of completed work assignments.

Fair and even handed when dealing with subordinates.

Identifying staff development and training needs and then putting together bespoke training packaged for them.

Keeping an eye on staff attendance and punctuality.

Maintaining and improving employee morale.

Managing a diverse set of employees from different cultural and social backgrounds.

Planning and organising the work of others.

Reducing friction between members of staff.

Showing junior staff how to do things properly.

Willing to challenge current methods of work and to then identify, recommend and implement practical improvements.


Hitting targets

Bringing together the skills of various professionals to achieve a common goal.

Driving business performance forward.

Having a sense of urgency about important tasks.


Team player

Actively listening to the opinions of others.

Building high-performing teams that want to win.

Can be a key motivator within a team setting.

Challenging people in a non-confrontational way.

Knowing when to act as a friend and when to act as a work colleague or leader.



Comprehensive knowledge of management theories, techniques, and practices.

Leading by example and always practicing what I preach.

Dealing with multiple demands in a calm and professional manner.

Comfortable with being the ‘go to’ person in a department.

More fully editable MS Word CVs

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(2 pages long)


                                     (2 pages long)


(2 pages long)


                                     (2 pages long)


(2 pages long)


                                     (1 page long)


A CV should not only reflect your abilities and experience, but also you as a person. This is because employers are always interested in your human side and emotional intelligence.

Having the know-how and technical ability to do a job is important, but so are soft skills. In a level playing field with equally matched candidates, they can be that decisive factor that makes you stand out.

Supercharge your CV with those personal skills that employer’s value and look for in applicants. Below is a list of natural talents, characteristics and traits that will enhance your application and reassure Hiring Managers that you can quickly fit in and deal with the demands of a role.


Communication skills

  • Able to enter into constructive dialogues with people with whom I disagree.
  • Able to inspire the trust of others.
  • Adapting tone, language and style for different situations.
  • Articulating complicated concepts in simple terms.
  • Can communicate clearly within a team environment.
  • Can keep the buzz of a good conversation going.
  • Comfortable dealing with individuals of all levels of seniority.
  • Have a professional & friendly manner that quickly puts people at ease & makes them more receptive to suggestions.
  • Selecting the right words to convey a message.
  • Using positive body language to create the right atmosphere.


Decision making

  • A quick thinker who is able to make fast decisions.
  • Always basing decisions on facts.
  • Comfortable making sometimes difficult or unpopular decisions.
  • Gathering, collating, classifying and organising the information needed to make a decision.
  • Precisely identifying a problem or goal before making a decision.
  • Willing to cooperate with others when making decisions.


General personal skills

  • Accurately following oral and verbal instructions.
  • An outgoing, people oriented individual who is capable of wearing many different hats.
  • Analytical mind and able to soak up large amounts of complex information.
  • Competitive spirit with a strong desire to succeed and exceed goals.
  • Staying calm when under pressure.
  • Striving for perfection in everything I do.
  • Thinking and acting proactively.



  • Ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Keeping emotions under control.
  • Maintaining a professional image at all times.
  • Maintaining composure when dealing with difficult and stressful situations.
  • Never cracking under pressure but staying calm and carrying out the tasks efficiently.


Team player

  • A real team player who works well with others.
  • Ability to work in harmony with others and to contribute to a pleasant working environment for all concerned.
  • Able to work as part of a team that pushes towards a common goal.
  • Able to work with different personality types.
  • Able to work with people from all nationalities.Acting as a go-between who can facilitate inter-departmental communication.
  • Can be a key motivator within a team setting.
  • Can build the confidence, pride and self-esteem of those around me.
  • I understand the importance of personal relationships and work hard at making friends.
  • Prepared to share knowledge and skills with colleagues to improve overall team performance.
  • Reducing friction between members of staff.
  • Serving as a bridge builder between different groups.
  • Taking pride in every individual and team success delivered by the business.



  • Able and willing to perform complex and difficult tasks.
  • Always punctual and on time.
  • Always remaining in control and never ‘losing it’.
  • Can provide you with excellent references from my current and Previous employers.
  • Establishing professional boundaries.
  • Excellent working habits.
  • Exercising absolute discretion and confidentiality.
  • Never cutting corners to get a job done.
  • Never rushing a job and always paying attention to the smallest of details.
  • Setting high standards for own personal behaviour.
  • Taking pride in a job well done.
  • Working with other people in a professional manner.

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