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CV templates for 2022

The biggest mistake job seekers make?

They think their CV can get them a job.

It can’t. 

A CV is there to win them an interview.

It must be written with that aim in mind.

Need a good CV fast?

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We give you free access to 100’s of professional ready made CV templates that will make you look like a pro and STAND OUT in every job application. This is on top of our links to thousands of CV examples written for 100’s of different job roles.

Whether you’re a student, professional or unemployed, we have something for everyone. No matter what job your applying for, our resources will help you to create a powerful impression on the right person for the correct reasons.

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Free CV templates

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More types of CV templates

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2 Page CVs

A range of two page CV templates that are suitable for job seekers who need extra space to list their skills, potential and career history etc.

No Photo CVs

Some countries have strict anti-discrimination as well and labour laws and prefer not to see a candidates photos on applications.

Functional CVs

A functional CV is skills based and is written, focused and places more emphasis on showing your work experience, knowledge & expertise.

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Why use a CV template?

Premium CV template infographic

It’s the CV that’s never started that takes the longest to finish. These pre-formatted and ready-made MS Word documents serve as a starting point for your job hunting.

  • Can help you make that important first step.
  • Initial groundwork has been done, all you need to do is enter your details.
  • Stylish designs help you stand out from other candidates. 
  • Come in many different formats, layouts and designs – something for everyone.
  • Takes away a lot of the related stress and headache.


Why is a good CV template important?

The presentation, layout and margins of your CV can be just as influential as what you write in it. A good design can do two key things;

  • Distinguish you from others.
  • Impress employers with your communication skills.


Which one should I use?

There is no simple answer or golden rules for this.

The only ‘right’ template is the one that gets you noticed, highlights your skills and most importantly gets you invited to job interviews.

The good news is we have lots that you can experiment with to find the one that gets you results.


How do I edit them?

Being MS Word files they are fully customizable.

All you have to do is download them, save them to your computer and then update them using a common text editor.

You can fully change their layout, colors, fonts, and styling details to create a personalized CV that is as individual as you are.

Basic CV layout

CV templates by job role

Writing a good CV

There’s no right way to write a CV, but there are many wrong ways.

Creating that perfect CV can be time-consuming and is one of the toughest challenges in job hunting.

This is because the key qualities of a successful CV include being able to simultaneously grab the reader’s attention, show off your communication skills and stand out from the competition.

How to write a CV that does all of these is difficult, but not impossible.

2 page CV templates (free)

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Free CV template

Free CV template

There is no right way to write a CV, but there are many wrong ways. Use this generic and white label template, that can be used to apply for any role, to show you are a perfect match for the job.


General CV template

General CV template

In a CV its not what you write, but what people see and read that’s important. This general purpose CV, which is suitable for any position, has a structure that will make you immediately stand out and be noticed.


Career Change CV template

Career Change CV template

Recruiters never ignore good talent and a well written CV is the first sign of that. When changing career write a skills based CV that shows your transferable competencies and ability to do the new job you want.


Skills based functional CV template

Skills based functional CV template

A skills based and functional CV are the same thing. They both place more emphasis on a candidate’s transferable skills and qualifications, rather than their work history. This makes them ideal for career changers.


School Leaver CV template

School Leaver CV template

Getting your first job is always going to be hard, mainly due to lack of work experience. Fix this problem with a special student CV that converts your academic achievements to look like job related know how.

In a graduate, employers want to see enthusiasm, ambition, a fresh mind and future potential. Use this template to do this and also demonstrate your understanding of a prospective employers industry and products.

Also known as a traditional CV, it is one of the most commonly used formats. Its favoured by employers because it’s straightforward, easy to scan and gives a clear overview of a candidates work experience and career progression.



Unemployed CV template

Unemployed CV template

Employers won’t reject you just because you’re out of work. If you have gaps in your career, then use this template to show you’ve been proactive during your time off i.e. you’ve learnt new skills or taken up voluntary work.



Promotion CV template

Promotion CV template

Looking for promotion? then this one’s for you. It can be used to clearly show the progression and advancement you have achieved through your career not only as regards to job titles but also duties and responsibilities.


Academic CV template

Academic CV template

A unique format that allows you to outline your credentials for any academic position, fellowship, or grant applications etc. This 3 page template has extra sections for awards, research, funding, citations & publications.


Photo CV template

Photo CV template

Some jobs and countries (but not all) require the candidate to provide a  photo of themselves. This stylish template has room for one and allows you to personalise your CV even more by adding a head shot to it.


Achievements CV template

Achievements CV template

Don’t be modest or quiet about your achievements or any awards you have won. This layout gives you plenty of space to list them in a way that will impress prospective employers and set you apart from others.

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