Published 28/06/10

There has been widespread anger at letters sent out to public sector workers suggesting should try to identify where savings could be made in their offices or departments. Letters have been sent to millions of public sector staff asking them to identify fair and responsible cuts in their areas of work.

The letter essentially asks them to identify non essential services and gives them a Treasury web address where they are asked to give a answer to the following questions:

“How do we rethink services to deliver more for less?”

The Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg appear to be eager to get workers involved in their decision making process as part of their consultation programme. The letter also goes on to state:

We want you to help us find those savings, so we can cut public spending in a way that is fair and responsible. You work on the frontline of public services. You know where things are working well, where the waste is, and where we can re-think things so that we get better services for less money.

George Osborne the new Conservative chancellor has announced spending cuts in his budget that will trim up to 25% off most public sector departments. Only certain ring fenced departments like the NHS will be left unaffected. Unions fear that many of these cuts will hit front line services.

Some trade unions have responded by calling the proposed cut backs a declaration of war. Many of them say that if money has to be saved it should be done by cutting back on the external hiring of consultancy services and also cutting back the salaries of senior executives.

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