Aptitude tests are a way of testing a job applicant’s ability to think clearly, solve problems and answer questions. They help employers find out more about a person and check to see if they have the right skills for a specific job.

Tests usually consist of multiple choice questions and are increasingly used in recruitment, selection and assessment procedures. There are different types of aptitude tests, the most common types being Numerical reasoning tests, Verbal reasoning tests, Abstract reasoning tests and Cognitive ability tests.

When taking one of these tests it is advisable to have a piece of paper and pen to make notes, plans and calculations.

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Aptitude test multiple choice questions (ANSWERS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE)

Question 1
Maxine can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Helen can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes?

A.     25
B.     30
C.     75
D.     80


Question 2
Whist out jogging Mark can cover a distance of 6 miles in 30 minutes. How many miles could he cover if he jogged for 60 minutes?

A.     13
B.     12
C.     15
D.     17


Question 3
Look at the following series of numbers;-       4,5,7,10,14, __ what comes next?

A.     16
B.     17
C.     18
D.     19


Question 4
Two women start walking at the same pace at a rate of 6 mph and 6.5 mph respectively. How many hours will it take to be 7.5 miles apart if they walk in the same direction?

A.     13
B.     12
C.     15
D.     17


Question 5
Maxine lives further up the hill than Andrew. Paul lives further up the hill than Maxine. Which one them lives furthest up the hill?

A.     Maxine
B.     Paul
C.     Andrew


Question 6
A car takes 5 hours going at a speed of 40 mph to travel from Town A to Town B. At what speed must it travel to complete the same journey in 4 hours?

A.     60
B.     45
C.     35
D.     50


Question 7
If 12 students in a class failed both Art and Science, 10 failed in Art, but 22 failed in Science. How many students were there in total.

A.     18
B.     20
C.     16
D.     44


Question 8.
Which of the following is different from the others?

A.    Sphere
B.    Cube
C.    Circle
D.    Pyramid


Question 9
A teacher gets to the class at 8.35am. Mark a student, arrives at the class 45 minutes later and is 15 minutes late for the lesson. By how much time did the teacher arrive earlier than the scheduled time?

A.     30 minutes
B.     35 minutes
C.     20 minutes
D.     45 minutes


Question 10
The city of Swansea is further west than the city of Cardiff, although not as far west as the town of Llanelli. Which of the three is the furthest east?

A.     Swansea
B.     Cardiff
C.     Llanelli



Question 1
C. 75
Solution: Maxine will type 15 pages in 30 min. Helen will type 60 pages in 30 min. 15+60=75)

Question 2
B. 12 miles
Solution: 6 / 30 x 60 = 12

Question 3
D. 19
Solution; (4+1=5, – 5+2 = 7, – 7+3=10, – 10+4= 14, – 14+5=19)

Question 4
C. 15
Solution: 1 / 0.5 x 7.5 = 15 hours

Question 5
B.  Paul

Question 6
D. 50 mph
Solution: Old speed = 5 x 40 = 200 miles. New speed = 200 / 4 = 50 mph

Question 7
B. 20
Solution: 10 + 22 – 12 = 20 students

Question 8
C. Circle

Question 9
A. 30 minutes

Question 10
B. Cardiff
Solution: It cannot be Swansea because it is west of Llanelli and it cannot be Llanelli as it even further west, so it must be Cardiff.


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