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Christine Graham
Hiring Manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6NF

14th January 2014


Dear Ms Graham,

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Attorney position that your company recently advertised on the website. I strongly feel that I have all the competencies that you are looking for in a candidate.

For the last three years I have been working as an Attorney for Johnsons Legal Services, where my main role has been to firstly apply the law to specific situations and secondly to advise clients on courses of action based on their legal rights and responsibilities.

Apart from my ability to oversee all legal procedures, I am also fully competent in analysing complex legal situations or problems and then presenting sound opinions both orally and in writing. I have extensive experience of representing clients in court and presenting and summarizing cases to judges and juries. In addition to this I can expertly carry out research as well as interview clients and witnesses outside a courtroom setting.

I thrive on being on the front line and am fully confident in my ability to handle complex legal issues, communicates legal opinions, prepare legal documents and make informed decisions. There is nothing I cannot or will not do to ensure that my clients get the best possible legal advice and representation.

Right now I would like to work for a dynamic, performance-driven organization like yours that is full of new opportunities and that has the highest standards of excellence.

I would very much welcome a personal meeting with you to discuss your needs and my ability to meet them. My schedule is flexible and I am available for interview during the day, evening and at the weekend.

Thank you for your time, consideration and forthcoming response.

Yours sincerely,


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Tel: 00 44 121 638 0026



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