Below is a professionally written biomedical science personal statement, that you can use as a guide to write your own. You are advised not to copy it word for word.

Biomedical science personal statement example 1

“I want to study this subject because to me it’s an exciting and rapidly-moving subject area, that is highly relevant to major issues facing society today. I am keen to learn about, and be involved in the latest advances in medical research, and on top of this I find this subject to be a challenging, rewarding and inspiring topic.

I am a creative person who already has significant technical knowledge of the biomedical science sector, and possess the specialist expertise, understanding and skills required to properly understand it. As a individual I am not easily put off by constraints, and believe that once you set your heart on something you will be surprised how many supposed problems or insurmountable obstacles can be overcome. I am a reliable, self motivated and trustworthy person who is able to work methodically, efficiently and accurately, and is quick to learn and comprehend. Being physically fit, I am able to stand for long periods of time, and capable of intense periods of concentration. I can also be flexible when performing multiple tasks, and possess a strong understanding of the inter-relationship between practice and theory. I also consider myself to be a excellent communicator, who can identify, select, organise and communicate information concisely.

To gain practical experience in this field, over the summer months I got a temporary job as a laboratory technician in a local hospital. Although not directly involved in any medical activities, I was part of a team that analysed potentially infectious samples using a range of highly specialised laboratory procedures. My duties included ensuring the efficient use and maintenance of resources, this meant I had to be aware of stock levels and rotation, storage conditions, batch numbers and expiry dates. Other duties included matching samples with request forms and inputting patient and test information into the laboratory computer system, a task which required complete accuracy. I learnt how to plan, conduct and evaluate experiments, comply with health and safety regulations, and research and interpret scientific literature. My communication skills also improved, as I had to relay information to other healthcare professionals, patients and their representatives, as well as visitors to the laboratory.

My college experience was a part of a transformation from youth to young adulthood. Disciplining myself to study was never a problem for me, and as can be seen from my application, I earned excellent grades. Most of the subjects I studied were based around the medical field, and I learnt about human physiology, cellular biology, human health and disease, cellular processes and microbiology.

Your university is a recognised centre for biomedical research and teaching. I firmly believe that studying at your institution will give me the firm foundation that I will need for the future. On a recent visit there I was impressed by its outstanding library and a purpose-built teaching centre that houses modern computing and laboratory facilities. My investigations into also revealed that although your programmes are generally vocational in nature, they do have strong links with local industries and hospitals, which I think is vital for gaining practical hands on experience.”


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