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Business Administration test multiple choice questions 

Question 1
The most effective way of keeping information secure on an electronic diary system is by;

A.     Changing your computer regularly.
B.     Switching off the computer every 1 hour.
C.     Changing and updating your passwords frequently.
D.     Using one password for everyone.


Question 2
The legal structure of a Limited Company means;

A.     Its own legal entity and is completely separate from its owners, meaning it can enter into contracts in its own name.
B.     The owners have no limited liability.
C.     It cannot enter contracts on its own.
D.     It is not its own legal entity.


Question 3
A SWOT analysis in a business model is used to;

A.     Reveal the owners of company.
B.     Identify areas of a business that are performing well and also those that are underperforming.
C.     Highlight financial discrepancies.
D.     Show a company’s weaknesses.


Question 4
An organisations HR department is responsible for;

A.     A company’s staff recruitment, selection, performance management and retention.
B.     Health & Safety at work.
C.     Giving Welcome packs to new members of staff.
D.     Setting targets for the marketing team.


Question 5
Which of the following should you hold a business meeting for;

A.     To organise a going away party for staff member.
B.     To discuss why a member of staff is being late.
C.     To talk about political events.
D.     A Year-end performance review.


Question 6
For a business meeting it is important to have;

A.     A comfortable set of chairs for attendees to sit on.
B.     A break in the middle of it.
C.     A slideshow to demonstrate points.
D.     A set agenda that needs to be discussed.


Question 7
What do the letters SWOT stand for?

A.     Strengths weaknesses organisation theories
B.     Strong will over things
C.     Strengths weaknesses opportunities threats
D.     Strengths weed out threats


Question 8
Which one of the following is a statutory duty for employers;

A.     Organising the Christmas party.
B.     Visiting members of staff who have been absent from work for a long period of time.
D.     Compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation.
D.     Providing members of staff with a meal.


Question 9
Which of the following can be classed as a voluntary sector organisation;

A.     Charity helping the homeless
B.     Private limited company
C.     Public limited company
D.     Trade Union


Question 10
Which of the following is the most appropriate diary system an individual should use at work?

A.     Office diary
B.     Day-to-day diary
C.     Managers diary
D.     Personal diary


Question 11
Non-monetary benefits given to company employees can include; 

A.     Job enrichment
B.     Monetary bonuses
C.     Enhanced pension
D.     Stock options


Question 12
In business terms watered capital is the difference between;

A.     Short term working capital and long term working capital.
B.     Gross working capital and net-working.
C.     The book value and the real time value of assets.
D.     The market value and book value of assets.


Question 13
One reason for recording meeting minutes is to;

A.     Make the company look more professional.
B.     Show those who did not attend what was discussed and what decisions were taken.
C.     Keeps the person recording the meeting in a job.
D.     Increases staff productivity.


Question 14
An office administrator in an understaffed department is most likely to;

A.     Please customers
B.     Disappoint colleagues
C.     Miss deadlines
D.     Achieve target’s


Question 15
Which of the following is a private sector organisation;

A.     Limited company
B.     School
C.     Charity
D.     Voluntary organisation



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