A business not only needs to be great at what it does, it also needs to be good at marketing what it does.

Business Development is a continuous process to improve a company’s sales, skills, knowledge, and ultimately results. It’s a discipline that can help you to unlock the potential of a business by showing you how to develop and implement growth opportunities. At its core it focuses on improving profitability through the creation of long-term valuable relationships with customers, markets, and partners. By improving processes and the use of resources, companies can improve their products, distribution channels and unique service delivery and thereby go a long way towards meeting set goals and expectations.

Business Development training courses overview

These courses will demonstrate to you how the sales department can be a engine for company growth. Its main aim is to get everyone working together towards the key business goals of driving sales, cash flow and profit. Each module concentrates on a different skill needed to spot and nurture those sales opportunities that exist in every market. You will be taught how to stop wasting time, energy and money on things that don’t work, and instead focus your energies on those proven techniques which get results.

Course content emphasises taking corrective action early before issues escalate and become problematic. For the most part you will be encouraged to develop systems that will result in dramatic increases in sales and which make a tangible difference to the operations of an organisation. They will give attendees an understanding of the underlying principles of Business Development and a comprehensive introduction to simple, yet effective, time honoured methods that are proven to work long term.

Programs of study are flexible enough to be able to be specifically tailored to the individual requirement of each delegate. Classes are held in a consultative and inquiring style where through simple easy to implement strategies and tactics, students are turned into Business Development specialists.

These high impact training programmes are taught in a comfortable selling focused environment, and supported by continuous informal assessment, online learning platforms, multi-media study materials, instructional videos, downloadable resource packs and one-to-one coaching. Teaching staff are always professionally, up to date and more than able to give you a clear view of what selling is about and how to be successful.

Typical subjects taught on a Business Development course

  • Account Management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Growth
  • Business Organisation
  • Business Partnerships
  • Business Processes
  • Business Studies
  • Closing Sales
  • Cross Selling
  • Customer Appointments
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Focus
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Service
  • Email Marketing
  • Forward Planning
  • Increasing Performance
  • Intelligent Marketing
  • Leadership and Management
  • Legal Agreements and Contracts
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Research
  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Networking
  • Personal Organisation
  • Post Deal Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Development
  • Prospecting
  • Public Relations
  • Qualifying Sales Leads
  • Sales Conversations
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Methodology
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Sales Strategies
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Trading Environments
  • Up-Selling

You will learn how to

  • Increase key account revenue.
  • Build business in new markets or areas.
  • Research prospective clients.
  • Understanding a client’s needs and issues from a business point of view.
  • Increase sales performance.
  • Put together staff development plans.
  • Reduce the risk of loss to competition.
  • Grow new revenue streams.
  • Win new business.
  • Develop and oversee customer channels.
  • Improve and strengthen relationships with clients.
  • Deal with customer objections.
  • Implement business development and marketing plans.
  • Develop relationships with people at all levels and across all business sectors.
  • Act as an ambassador of a business at all times.

You will learn about

  • The business tools needed to win new business.
  • How to reach sales and margin growth targets.
  • Create proposal documents.
  • Managing the marketing mix.
  • Developing and maintaining a database of all contacts.
  • Writing up concise, value-based sales proposals.
  • The importance of reacting quickly to new customer requirements.
  • identifying business threats as well as opportunities.
  • Developing marketing literature.
  • Reviewing customer feedback and then suggesting ways to improve processes and service levels.


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