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Business studies personal statement example 1

“With a keen lifelong interest in economics and also being commercially minded I have become committed to securing a career in the world of business and commerce. To achieve my ambitions I am currently looking to join an academic institution that will give me an excellent grounding in the core areas of business studies, including: strategic planning, marketing, business law and human resource management.

Throughout my previous studies I have strived to develop a sound knowledge of those skills that will have practical value when looking for work and will enhance my employability. I have already achieved high grades in and possess a comprehensive understanding of key business areas such as accounting, entrepreneurship and business analysis. Although these achievements required a lot of self discipline and motivation on my behalf, I really enjoyed the experience of learning them in a classroom environment and putting them to practice on practical projects.

I am currently working part time as an office assistant with an accountancy firm, based in Leeds. There I work in the accounts management team, helping to attract new clients and look after existing ones. This experience has not only been beneficial in terms of my studies and future career in the business world but has also given me a real-life topic on which to base any future dissertation.

In the pursuit of my ambitions I have been faced with many options as to what course and university to choose. I am looking to join a programme that can be tailored and developed to the changing economic and commercial climate. After researching and evaluating all of my options I am confident enough to say that I believe I have made the right decision to study at your university and am certain that your institution will exceed my expectations. I feel that your university will provide me with the solid foundation needed to acquire the necessary analytical and financial skills that are required in any commercial environment.”

Business studies personal statement example 2

“Business studies is said to be one of the most popular courses at university. With a wide range of exciting and profitable career opportunities available to graduates its easy to see why. For me personally its main attraction is my belief that it will prepare me for a career and not just a job. The employment statistics for business studies graduates have always been strong, especially for those individuals like myself who can think outside the box and are ready to take on new ideas or business concepts.

Apart from the superb career prospects what are my other reasons for choosing this subject? The simple answer is that I enjoy it. I really do look forward to learning those skills that will not only prepare me for everyday problem solving in a business environment but that I can also use in my personal life. I want to learn the theories that are required to operate and improve the operations of real businesses in a rapidly changing global environment. For me your course can teach me all of these things and more. It has a wide range of units in the first two years that will allow me to gain a broad understanding of all of the different areas of business that I am interested in. On top of this the placement aspect of your course also appeals to me, as any opportunity to gain work experience will prove invaluable later on in the graduate jobs market.

Over the last academic year I successfully passed my A levels in Business Studies at college. It was there that I learnt a great deal about finance, analysis, decision making, marketing and also discovered the importance of IT to a business. My teachers were superb and encouraged me to think, ask questions and seek answers, as a inquisitive person by nature this suited me fine as I had a lot of queries that needed answering.

I am currently working part time in a busy office as an administrative clerk to a team of Business Consultants. I took this role on deliberately in an attempt to gain real life experience of how the business world works. My employers have been very supportive of my aims and have gone out of their way in getting me involved in key fields such as accounting, business organisation, marketing and human resource management. This invaluable experience has also given me a very good idea of the type of fields I want to specialise in after I graduate from university.

To further enhance my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest developments in the commercial world I regularly watch business news programmes and read quality newspapers. The information I get from these sources helps me to understand what’s going on in the commercial world we live in and to also gain a different perspective on current economic events and issues.

After much reading, talking and visiting I have decided that your university is an ideal fit for my academic ambitions and requirements. On a visit to your campus I was really impressed with your Business School, particularly the lecturers, who appeared to have real passion towards their subjects and who also have a reputation amongst undergraduates for readily offering extra support, guidance and encouragement to them. The facilities in the Business School were superb, there are always plenty of computers available and the lecture theatres are modern and well equipped. I am also attracted to your university by its reputation for business knowledge and teaching experience along with your institutions stated commitment to supporting the learning needs of each unique student.”


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