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Maxine has extensive commercial experience of coding using C or C++. She can create, write and maintain complex computer programs. Is a mature individual who is willing to take responsibility for the full software development life-cycle. Her skills include object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, and software design patterns. Possesses other niches such as embedded systems valuable experience in both back-end and front-end development. Currently works for ….. where she utilises her C++ experience to design, develop, test and implement game code. At work assists junior developers and believes that mistakes are a normal part of learning. Through her career has gained experience of managing small teams of three or four developers who own each piece of their product. A real professional who is committed to staying up to date with the latest developments in software development by attending educational workshops.



C DEVELOPER – Start Date – Present
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Responsible for building software by writing code, as well as modifying software to fix errors, improve its performance, or upgrade interfaces.


  • Contributing to open-source software projects.
  • Helping to maintain code quality, organization, and automatization.
  • Implementing performance modules, identifying bottlenecks, and fixing bugs.
  • Collaborating with technical and management teams, analysts and designers in the development of new software functionality, programs and applications.
  • Building relationships with the on-shore teams to understand key business requirements.
  • Suggesting and implementing solutions to problems.
  • Participating in project planning and design meetings including code reviews.
  • Communicating complex procedures to other colleagues.
  • Writing extensive documentation for many parts of the codebase.
  • Ensuring that the quality of work adheres to company standards at all times.
  • Performing all the testing procedures simultaneously with the Software Tester.
  • Coming up with improvements to current software framework and maintenance.
  • Designing, architecting, implementing, and testing software according to best business practices.
  • Keeping up on C++ standards and advances in application development.
  • Behaving in a professional and ethical manner at all times.
  • Providing technical support to users, colleagues and partner organisations.

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  • University degree in Computer Science and other qualifications.
  • High attention to detail supported the ability to work to deadlines.
  • Thorough knowledge of the standard library as specified by ISO and ANSI.
  • Have a good working knowledge of web based systems.


  • Strong leadership and time management skills.
  • Creative approach to problem solving.



Agile Methodologies



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Available on request.



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