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Lets start off with the basics, like what does the job description entail? What does a care manager do?

Essentially a care manager jobs will involve you working in the local community with mostly vulnerable people from all backgrounds and looking after their needs. Much of the employment is based on the care in the community principle. On regular occasions your working day will involve you working closely as a team with case workers and other carers like qualified social workers, or nursing staff. Other tasks you would be expected to carry out include home visits, carrying out social care plans as well as assessments on patients you are looking after, and writing reports and liaising with your managers. You may also be in charge of a budget, and be responsible for some financial spending, although this point will be stipulated in any care manager jobs adverts.

Job description
As a care manager you will be in charge of a team, in the role of a team manager who you will oversee the work of care assistant’s or case workers, as they will report to you on a regular basis. Ensuring best practise is carried out in and maintaining the records of your clients and also keeping an eye on administration work is very important, so you must be a good organizer.

In the adult services field you will be offering counselling and looking after vulnerable elderly people and delivering nursing care. However you could also be looking after children from foster care or with behavioural problems. All of these people will require local authorities care services and support. Some vulnerable people under your authority may have mental health care problems, or physical disabilities or learning difficulties. Most care manager vacancies specify that they are full time positions, although rarely some are part time. The vast majority are permanent positions with councils, although a few may be on a contract or temporary basis.

Hours of work
Your working hours can be varied and you may be expected to work nights or even weekends, depending on where you are posted. Local government employers are major advertisers of care manager jobs as well as other public sector bodies. You will be responsible for arranging dentist appointments for patients or transport to a care hospital for appointments. You will also have to work across different social services departments i.e. having to arrange appointments for your patients with say advice workers. Some patients under your care may need to take medication, and it is your responsibility to make sure they take their medication on time.

You may have to attend regular care training courses to make sure you can offer the best service to your patients. If you have to be based in a residential home or work away from your local area then you then you will be provided with reduced subsidized living accommodation.

Further information:

The Association of Care Managers
Telephone: 0845 257 1296

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