As a jobseeker you should always be looking for and willing to accept any helpful career advice or guidance when searching for public sector jobs or indeed employment opportunities in any field.
On this page we aim to give you links to free helpful careers advice articles on a wide range of subjects and topic which we feel will be useful to you in finding job vacancies and applying for them. The career advice and support we offer covers many topics, and can relate to young people at university looking forĀ graduate jobs in human services, or employed people looking for public sector jobs because they want new challenge and a career change. You may need career guidance on help with choosing a work environment at the start of your working life, or simple CV advice. You need to think very carefully about deciding which industry of employment to go into, this is why careers guidance is so important. For instance you should ask yourself questions like do you want a job with a salary that pays an above average wage, or a job which has a career development programme that allows you to progress into management. Or maybe you need to be shown which national employers are hiring, our career advice section will show you in which national newspapers or job sites large companies are advertising their career opportunities on. Below are just a few fundamental questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to be employed in a small company in a job where you have more responsibility and have a greater chance of getting promoted?
  • Do you have the necessary skills and qualifications for that work role? If not you may need employment advice on career training to help you apply for and secure that role.
  • Are you looking for temporary work or do you want a long-term permanent job, what are the advantages and disadvantages of either of these?

Having good CV writing skills is essential to producing a quality curriculum vitae, that will be noticed by any human resources manager. We can offer you outplacement advice that will get you noticed.. Below there are articles offering jobs advice on how to sharpen up your interview skills and get practical interview advice on how to improve your performance at those all important first meetings with a potential employer. Get helpful career advice tips on how to answer those difficult questions that an interviewer can throw at you.


Useful curriculum vitae and career links:

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