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CCTV quiz multiple choice questions 

Question 1
What does CCTV stand for?

A.     Close Current Television
B.     Circuit Closed Television
C.     Closed Circuit television
D.     Clones Circuit Television


Question 2
What is CCTV?

A.     A private security camera system where the circuits are closed and all of the elements are connected directly.
B.     An open broadcast security camera system where the signals are broadcast across airwaves.
C.     A satellite camera system.
D.     A cable TV system that members of the public can access.


Question 3
CCTV can be used to?

A.     Study the stars at night.
B.     Remotely monitor the temperature of fridges.
C.     Monitor the interior and exterior of a property.
D.     Study wildlife at night in the wild.


Question 4
Apart from securing premises CCTV can also;

A.     Act as a serious deterrent to criminals.
B.     Increase the value of a property.
C.     Make a property more visually appealing.
D.     Deter wildlife such as foxes.


Question 5
A CCTV operator must;

A.     Give copies of CCTV film to anyone who asks for it.
B.     Monitor only one CCTV camera whilst at work.
C.     Not answer the phone when in a Control Room.
D.     Ensure the confidentiality of all information gained.


Question 6
What does Blinding a surveillance camera mean?

A.     Throwing mud at a CCTV camera to obstruct its view.
B.     Obscuring your identity on a CCTV camera, but not your presence by pointing a laser at the camera lens.
C.     Stopping the camera from actually recording.
D.     Contacting the CCTV owner and asking them to point their camera in a different direction.


Question 7
A domestic CCTV system needs to;

A.     Be operated in a responsible way that respects the privacy of others.
B.     Pointed in any direction you want it to be.
C.     Have a live feed going at all times.
D.     Placed at head height to capture peoples faces.


Question 8
In the UK a CCTV operator must;

A.     Not wear glasses.
B.     Be prepared to work from home.
C.     Be over 6 ft tall.
D.     Have a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).


Question 9
A CCTV operator should be;

A.     Prepared to work 24 hour shifts.
B.     Observant and able to concentrate over long periods.
C.     Able to work standing up.
D.     Attend the scene of any incidents highlighted by a CCTV camera.


Question 10
A CCTV control room must be kept secure because;

A.     It complies with the regulations, policies and procedures put in place by regulatory bodies, local authorities and the police.
B.     Meets environmental health and safety standards.
C.     Helps to keep the electricity bill down.
D.     Assists CCTV Operators to remain focused.


Question 11
Which of the following scenarios is CCTV best used for?

A.     Seeing if it is raining outside.
B.     Watching out for wildlife.
C.     Spying on friends.
D.     Spotting violence in a crowded venue like a football match.


Question 12
A basic CCTV surveillance system works as follows;

A.     It takes pictures and films with a camera, then sends these to their destination and finally manages them when they arrive.
B.     It takes pictures and film only but does not send or store them.
C.     It is a dummy camera that records nothing.


Question 13
Should security cameras be visible?

A.     Yes
B.     No


Question 14
In a public place CCTV cameras should not record private conversations.

A.     True
B.     False


Question 15
Permission to view CCTV footage should not be granted to non authorised persons whose role is not related to the purpose for which the system was established.

A.     True
B.     False


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