Childminding jobs

A childminder is somebody who looks after and provides a caring environment towards children in different environments like nurseries. In order to be a registered childminder you need to be trustworthy, responsible and affectionate, these qualities will assist you in helping a child reach their full potential.

Job description
In this role you would be expected to look after babies and children under five. There is also a limit to the amount of children, in different age groups that a childminder can care for. If you want to enter the childminding profession, you will need to be very organised. As careful planning and good administrative skills can help you to arrange individual routines for children of different ages, including periods of exercise, play, naps and meals. It is also important to keep records of expenses, payments and insurance, this is especially true if you work in local government run schools.

It is also essential for a child’s learning and development to include creative activities such as painting and drawing, reading stories and singing, as well as playing with construction toys and natural materials in doors and out doors. You would also be expected to provide babies with bottles when they are hungry, and also provide food for children. As well as change nappies. Children who are older would require physical care, such as going to the toilet and washing hands. It goes without saying that you should be under standing of the different ethnic cultures and races that the children under your care may come from. As a career move you could after some time progress on to becoming a qualified school teacher, teaching older children.

Qualifications required
To apply for any childminding jobs you need to be registered with certain organisations: in England, you need to register with OFSTED, which stands for the “Office For Standards in Education”. In England and Wales, a childminder can work towards the CACHE level 3 certificate within childminding practice . In addition, childminders can also work towards a NVQ in early years care and education. For further information contact the NCMA.



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