If you are a talented graduate and would like promotion quickly and are looking for any suitable public sector jobs with a chance to get into management, then the civil service fast stream scheme will be ideal for you. The Graduate Fast Stream can offer an accelerated promotion for those new employees who perform well.

Be warned that initially you will have to go through a gruelling application process, this is to ensure that only the best candidates are recruited. Once you have passed this then the real work can begin.

You will then be given a placement in any one of a number of government departments that can last up to 1 year. After this you will be moved other projects, the reason for this is to give you as much experience as possible in the shortest time period. It will be a steep learning curve.

Once in the civil service fast track you will be involved at the highest levels of project management, meeting with industry leaders and top government officials. It is a responsible job as you will be part of the decision making process that could affect the lives of millions of people. In a typical day you could be writing briefings for ministers and decision makers, attending board meetings with senior officials. Training is on the job and you will earn many new skill sets very quickly.

On the practical side other points to remember are that you may be required to travel around the UK, or even throughout Europe. You could be working in central government or even the diplomatic service in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Helping to deliver government policy on diverse topics like human rights or EU policy matters.

The civil service is committed to workforce diversity and works hard on attracting and employing the best talented staff from all ethnic background.

Starting salary
The basic salary for a graduate is in the regions of £25,000, although this may differ due to your location and which part of the UK you are based in. You will get an annual pay rise in line with other civil service jobs.

Further information:

The Civil Service
Website: http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/jobs/faststream/index.aspx

Graduate Fast Stream
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Fast Stream Team
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