The main mission statement of the commission for racial equality in the United Kingdom is to deal with discrimination against anyone on the grounds of race, religion, disability, age or gender. It is there to promote equality of opportunity and fairness for all and to combat and deal with workplace discrimination.

The CRE was brought into existence by the Labour government in 1976, under the Race Relations Act 1976, it is full of legislation aimed at tackling racial prejudice, and to promote ethnic harmony in a increasingly multicultural Great Britain. It’s initial focus was on government departments and the public service, for instance in the recruitment process for of public sector jobs, although it is also there to fight raise awareness and highlight injustices. The CRE works closely with the Equality and Human Rights Commission .

It should be noted that there has been a lot of controversy recently and in the past about the work and also some members of the CRE. Examples of these are ethnic minority or even white workers who take their employers to court on the grounds of racial or religious discrimination. In cases like these some people will support the worker and others will support the company.

On a more practical level the CRE is there to offer resources, advice and support to those people from all ethnic backgrounds <white, asian=”” black=”” or=””>who feel they have been the victims of racism or discrimination. They will advise on the rights of the individual, and in some cases support them in bringing cases against the other party involved.</white,>

The EHRC can also provide advice and guidance to public bodies and private employers, their legal advisers or human resource managers on their responsibilities to their employees on issues like the rights of disabled workers, or diversity in the workplace.


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