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Maxine has a thorough knowledge of IT infrastructure and the daily operations of a Computer network. She has a track record of determining the causes of computer errors, proposing diagnosis and then coming up with solutions. With her present employer she is charged with implementing changes to various IT systems and minimising their impact. In addition to this she is also responsible for writing up reports to senior managers on system performance, troubleshooting, resolving issues and escalating incidents and problems when they are detected. On a personal level she reacts coolly to any arising emergency, and uses a combination of her judgement, initiative and experience to get around problems. Right now she would like to work for a company where hard work is rewarded and appreciated.


COMPUTER OPERATOR – Start Date – Present
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Responsible for performing day-to-day maintenance of Computer hardware such as printers, tape drives and other related equipment.


  • Monitoring the temperature of the room where the computer servers are stored.
  • Covering the IT support desk during busy periods.
  • Assisting staff with personal computer functionality.
  • Entering commands to correct errors.
  • Keeping a look out for any error lights.
  • Ensuring computers are functional and secure.
  • Installing security software on all computer terminals and making sure that it is kept up to date.
  • Ensuring that only licensed software is being used on each computer terminal.
  • Handling and receiving packages delivered to the data centre.
  • Answering queries from computer users who have encountered problems.
  • Maintaining overall control of the computer system.
  • Participating in performance improvement activities.
  • Assisting the training and instruction of junior staff.
  • Developing computer training procedures.
  • Testing equipment prior to use.
  • Updating fellow colleagues on any virus threats.
  • Receiving new computer hardware and then setting it up and installing it.
  • Having regular weekly meetings with departmental heads and bringing to their attention any issues of concern.
  • Ensuring that all networking cables are plugged in correctly.
  • Preparing data for processing.
  • Performing minor hardware repairs on computer terminals.
  • Operating computer system peripheral devices.
  • Maintaining magnetic tape files.
  • Supervising the work of lower level computer operators.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
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JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location


Computer Operating

  • Extensive knowledge of the internal components and circuit boards of a PC.
  • Broad knowledge of data processing procedures.
  • Understanding networking and data communications concepts.
  • Knowledge of TCP/IP data communication protocols.
  • Understanding of basic computer networking.
  • Competent in using Ms Office Tools such as: MS, EXCEL, Power point and MS Access.


  • A stable personality not easily upset by the ripples of events.
  • Keen sense of humour.


Network management
Computer operating


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