10 December 2018
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Theology personal statement


Example 1

"It was during my time at college that I was first introduced to theology and it was there that I developed a real yearning to learn more about this fascinating topic. It wasn’t that I had become more religiously minded instead it was more to do with the fact that I found it to be a very unique and interesting subject that helped me to get to grips with many unanswered question. My enthusiasm for it also increased with the knowledge that a theology degree course would teach me those transferable skills that were very highly valued by many employers and that on graduation I would gain a qualification that could open up quiet a few career opportunities.

At college my ability to engage with complicated texts and ideas improved considerably. It had to as I was learning so much so quickly there was a real danger of information overload. Whether this new skill of mine was divine intervention I don’t know, all I can say is that it came at the right time. I was also lucky to have superb tutors who gave me a comprehensive understanding of the New Testament, biblical languages, Christian theology and a introduction to the worlds major religions. The classroom interaction, active discussions and group work also did much to sharpen my communication and argumentative skills. I am able to look back with hindsight on my college education and honestly claim that it could not have been bettered.

I’m a very inquisitive person by nature and one who relishes being involved in deep philosophical debates regarding complex moral and religious issues. I have a habit of regularly questioning academic points and asking inquiring questions. Personally I feel that is a positive trait to have when studying an intense subject such as religion and philosophy, however others who know me better may disagree!

Such is my love of the subject that I may in the future consider a career as a Theology teacher myself. This would allow me to remain in touch with a subject matter that I am so enthusiastic about and also allow me to transfer my knowledge, interest and guidance to a whole new generation of students.

Whilst ‘shopping’ for a university I was looking for an institution that has a excellent academic reputation, superb facilities, exciting student social scene and friendly atmosphere. After much research and the visiting of many campuses around the country I am pleased to say that your university ticks all the boxes for me. I feel that your university will help me grow academically, intellectually and socially and it is for these reasons that I am submitting my application to you."

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