County councils provide a wide range of services to the public, from employing teachers and librarians to advertising social worker jobs. It is because of this that they are major employers in the jobs market and each year advertise thousands of part time and full time council job vacancies. Indeed they are the biggest single employer in some cities and in many towns across the country. Graduates and highly skilled jobseekers should seriously consider working for them, as not only do they offer many public sector jobs but also because in large organisations like these there are many opportunities to progress up the career ladder, for instance into management positions.

For well qualified and experienced jobseekers there are many benefits and advantages in working for a local authority, council jobs are usually well paid, often secure and they offer employee friendly working environments. Contrary to popular belief council jobs do have good salaries and are offer competitive rates of pay. Council employees have access to many facilities that would appeal to jobseekers, like study support, access to childminding and flexible working. Many local authorities support and encourage their staff to obtain professional qualifications, and also provide job related training.

Like other public service institutions they also strive to ensure equality for all, regardless of a person’s race, gender or disability. For this reason they enforce and regularly update policies that will promote diversity and combat discrimination. You will notice these points in any job descriptions that the council advertises. When applying for certain positions like working with children you will need to have a Criminal Records Bureau check for your application to be processed.

We aim to give you helpful advice to applicants on what it is like to work for local councils, like giving brief job descriptions of the job titles of typical council vacancies. We will also help you with your job search, and recruitment process and also give advice on filling in application forms. Application forms and Information packs for vacancies can usually be downloaded from the website it self. Hard to fill positions will be advertised on job boards like

These days many authorities will advertise their county council jobs vacancies on their own websites recruitment page, so that is always a good place to start.


Below are job titles of some positions that councils advertise:

Environmental Health Officer jobs

Learning disabilities nurse jobs