Below is a template that you can use as a guide to write your own cover letter:

Employers name:
Employers address:
Employers telephone number:
Employers email:

Ref: Job title of the vacancy you are applying for or its reference.

Dear Mr / Ms

First paragraph

  • Start the letter of by briefly mentioning the job you are applying for.
  • Explain how you found about the vacancy, where it was advertised etc.

Second paragraph

  • Explain your knowledge about the employer, their brand or products and services. Show off your knowledge of the industry.
  • If the company is well known and has a brand state how much you admire their reputation and brand.
  • Mention any current news stories or press releases about the company i.e. they are expanding or opening a new branch.

Third paragraph

  • Give reasons why you feel you are suitable for the position.
  • List your related skills, abilities and strengths.
  • Explain how you feel you can be of benefit to the company.

Fourth paragraph

  • Respectfully ask for the opportunity of a interview.
  • Mention that dates that you are available for a interview.
  • Thank the employer for taking the time to read your cover letter and CV.
  • Say that you are looking forward to hearing from them.
  • Give details of how you can be contacted.

If you addressed the letter to a individual then end it by “Yours sincerely”. However if you simply addressed it as “Dear Sir or Madam” you end it with a “Yours faithfully”.

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