In jobs where you will be working with children or involved in the protection of vulnerable adults you will have to have a criminal records bureau check and report done on yourself. This report and CRB clearance will help any potential employers in the public and private sector feel confident that you do not have a criminal conviction, and make them feel confident in making a recruitment decision about employing you.

The criminal records bureau or CRB as it is known is a department of the Home Office was created in 2002. Every year it caries out literally millions of check on individuals. Checks are done once a completed CRB disclosure form is received and is done by searching its own database of criminal records and in partnership with Law Enforcement Authorities via the Police National Computer.

Its core aim is to weed and stop convicted criminals or other unsuitable candidates from being employed in working as supervisors or teachers with vulnerable people or youngsters. It is another tool to protect vulnerable people, for instance keeping children safe from paedophiles and potential abusers. Searches are typically carried out for candidates applying for social worker jobs, nurses, and other public sector jobs where people are involved in contact with young people.

In the past there have been complaints from recruitment agencies, employers and voluntary organizations about the length of time it takes to get a CRB check.

There are two types of ‘disclosure’ that the bureau will provide. The first is a Standard Disclosure, this as you can imagine gives just the basic information about a persons past record. The second level is called an Enhanced CRB disclosure, and provides much more in depth relevant information about the subject. This will include current convictions, spent convictions and reprimands etc.


Further information:

Criminal Records Bureau
CRB Registration Team
PO Box 110
L69 3EF
Telephone: 0870 90 90 822