Once you have written your CV and are happy with it you then need to start distributing it widely and effectively to maximize your job hunting prospects. Apart from sending it directly to job vacancies you should also consider distributing it to as many recruitment agencies, HR departments and job boards as possible.

The problem with this is that there are 1000’s of recruitment agencies and dozens of job boards in the UK alone. Deciding on which ones to submit your CV to and then submitting it can be very time consuming and tedious. One solution to this problem is to consider using an online CV distribution company, these are specialist websites that not only distribute your CV for you but will also advice you on which employers and agencies to distribute it to.

Below are three steps to help get you started on your CV distribution:

Firstly create a list of all the major established recruitment agencies and job boards, as well as the specialist ones cover the type of job your looking for.

Secondly you should consider using an online CV distribution service. With these you u simply register your details and upload your CV and they will automatically register your resume with 1000’s of recruitment agencies and job sites. Only consider well established and reputable CV distribution websites.

Thirdly decide on a CV distribution company, register with them and select those recruitment agencies, job boards and employers you want your CV sent to.

Remember that CV distribution that is done properly will give you maximum exposure to employers and key hiring managers, all for minimum effort.

Places to distribute your CV:

  • Recruitment agencies.
  • Major established job boards.
  • Specialist job boards for your industry.
  • Human resource departments of major companies.

Where not to register your CV
It is advisable not to send it to job boards or recruitment agencies that have only recently been set up. You should only register it with job boards and recruitment agencies that are established, well known and reputable.

How should you distribute your CV
In today’s day and age this should be done by registering online and uploading your CV or by sending a simple email, these are the quickest and most efficient ways.

Always specify the job role you are after, your required salary and preferred location. This will ensure you only receive very targeted proposals.

Job boards
Send your CV to leading and also specialist job boards that meet your job requirements or are in your chosen industry.

Distributing directly to employers
Make a list of major or specialist employers in your chosen industry that you would like to work for. Contact them and ask for the contact details of the HR departments. Then send or email your resume directly to them. Include a cover letter to introduce yourself, click here letters of inquiry to see some examples you could use.

What are the benefits of CV distribution?

  • Recruiters can find you, rather than you having to find them.
  • It increases your chance of being head hunted and ‘found’ by potential employers.
  • You do not have to regularly contact recruitment agencies, they will have your details on file and will contact you if a suitable vacancy arises.
  • It increases your visibility in the jobs market.
  • It is another way of marketing your skills and abilities.

What if you update your CV after distributing it?
If this happens you simply send or upload your latest CV to where you have previously registered it. For instance is you have uploaded it to a jobs board then simply log in and upload your new CV and delete your old one. You must do this everywhere to ensure that the resume with your most recent qualifications and skills in being seen.

Benefits of registering with a job board

  • If you register for Jobs By Email, you will have suitable jobs emailed direct to you.
  • It can save you time, as you will not have to search through job boards every day.
  • If you opt to have your CV visible on a CV database then recruiters will have access to it and your skill sets and are likely to contact you.


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