is one of the UK’s largest specialist job and career advice sites. We have a considerable amount of experience in providing career advice and in helping candidates to write attention grabbing CV’s.

Having a superior and professionally written CV that clearly lists your skills and experience can make the difference between success and failure. It gives you the edge over other applicants who are applying for the same job as you are.

Writing your CV

When looking at your CV employers need to see facts and relevant information quickly. By using our targeted service we can do this for you, thereby dramatically improve the chances of being successful in your job hunting.

The first thing to remember when you are looking to write out your CV is to look at it from a prospective employers point of view. The second thing to remember is that the human resources officer who looks at your job application initially may potentially see dozens of CV’s and job applications every day. Both of these points means you should make sure that your CV in concise and that your strong points are laid out clearly at the beginning of the CV for them to see.

Remember that your CV is basically a marketing tool that you are using to promote yourself to prospective employers. There fore you should pay a lot of attention to detail and also make sure that it is up to date. A well written CV is essential to get to the next stage, basically the interview.

Below are some points on what to include in a CV:

  • Your name, address, telephone number etc.
  • A personal summary of what your aims are and what sort of employment you are looking for.
  • Your educational background and qualifications / training.
  • Your work history and experience.
  • Any skills / achievement you feel are relevant to the role you are applying for.

Write your CV so it effectively communicates your skill sets, experience, and abilities to recruiters.

Design a format and layout that grabs the reader’s attention, your can find stylish and popular designed templates.

Ensure that the CV content is free of spelling and grammatical errors, it will also be proof read.

Create a CV design and format that shows creativity and originality and is favored by employers and agencies alike.

Write a ‘Career Profile’ statement that is targeted at the job you are applying for and your general industry.

Dayjob can provide further CV writing advice on issues like trying to explain gaps in your career, whether to include a photo, whether you need to mention why you left your previous jobs and how to answer them. Please feel free to email us at

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