First class honours degree are referred to as 1st (pronounced firsts) they indicate the highest level of academic achievement and ability.
Second class upper division honours degree is classified as 2:1 (pronounced two one).
Second-class lower division honours degree is classified as 2:2 (pronounced two two).
Third class honours degree is classified as 3rd.
Ordinary degree is classified as a Pass.

Honours (Hons)
This is usually attributed to a higher standard of degree as opposed to a ‘ordinary’ or ‘pass’ degree. A honours degree would suggest that the student has a certain amount of aptitude or skill towards the subject matter.

First class honours
This is the highest level of degree that can be awarded and only a minority (around 10%) achieve this in any one year.

Ordinary degree
This is a pass but without honours.

Stands for Bachelor of Science, and is usually a 3 year undergraduate course.

Stands for Master in Science and is a usually a 4 year undergraduate course.

Stands for Master of Science and is usually a 1 year post graduate course.

Stands for Master of Arts and is usually a 1 to /2 year post graduate course.

UK degree letters:

BA stands for Bachelor of Arts

BAcc stands for Bachelor of Accounting

BArch stands for Bachelor of Architecture

BCJ stands for Bachelor of Criminal Justice

BEng or BE stands for Bachelor of Engineering

BFin stands for Bachelor of Finance

BMid stands for Bachelor of Midwifery

BSc(Eng) stands for Bachelor of Science in Engineering

DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration

EngD stands for Doctor of Engineering

MB or BM stands for Bachelor of Medicine

M.A. stands for Master of Arts

M.S. or M.Sc. stands for Master of Science

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration

MEcon stands for Master of Economics

PhD or DPhil stands for Doctor of Philosophy

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