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Working in the disability sector can offer many rewards and opportunities for those looking for a long term career, as well as being very satisfying. Many of the national disability-friendly employers in from both the public sector and also private sector in England have positions and job vacancies that can be described as disability jobs. Local government and other responsible companies will have in place equal opportunities policies, to ensure equality for all and to combat prejudice. By this term what I mean is two types of employment in this industry, firstly it can mean jobs for disabled people meaning for people with disabilities themselves, for instance they are deaf, or need to use a wheelchair. Or secondly a job search for disability jobs can mean able-bodied people who wish to work with disabled people i.e. they may want to do this for a variety of issues like combating disability discrimination as well as sex discrimination and ensuring equal rights for all.

On the dayjob job site we aim to provide career advice and also be a disability resources tool to help jobseekers find employment opportunities that suit them, and to empower then and help them take control of their lives. If required we can help you devise a plan of action, or if you need to know where your nearest job centre is, would like to increase your prospects, or be shown interview tips on how to stress to potential employers that you are the right person for the job. You will find jobs advertised from major public sector employers like the NHS and also smaller voluntary organisations just to name a few. We strongly believe that you should not be discriminated against for having a physical disability, mental impairment or have a requirement for special needs. Having easy accessibility to your workplace should be available to people who may be blind or who may having walking impairments. When applying for any disability jobs you should note that it is prohibited under the Disability Discrimination Act [also known as the DDA] and should not hinder you in applying for and getting employment.

We can offer you advice on social security benefits including useful topics like incapacity benefits entitlement and help you claim for Severe Disablement Allowance. If you have limited mobility and need to use a wheelchair and perhaps cannot use the stairs. Our advisers can also offer assistance on the Disability Discrimination Act. Have you every thought about having a employment assesment? This is a great way to list all of your strengths and weaknesses, and will help to identify your skills so that you can highlight them in any interviews or CV applications.

If you currentlyt unemployed and want to find out if you are eligible for any training courses after you have had say a career break, or maybe you are a jobseeker with learning difficulties then we can assist you in that. Does your employment mean that you have to work with deaf people who use sign language? Or are you hard at hearing yourself? If so we can point you in the right direction the best deaf school to study and learn British sign language. Get other useful advice from dayjob in helping you when you apply for public sector jobs or other vacancies, for instance there is a Job Introduction Scheme [JIS] run by the government that gives financial support to employers and organisation who employ a disabled person.

There are many charities out there that provide help for people with special needs, for instance they may provide transport for children with learning disabilities who have to attend special education schools. Most people will have heard of the paralympic games, on the stage at the event you will have seen the disability symbol. This is also know as the ‘two ticks’ logo is displayed in disability jobs adverts by those employers who have a positive attitude towards employing handicapped or disabled people.

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