This is a benefit that is paid to disabled people who have a serious disabling medical condition and who need care and assistance with either their daily activities and or mobility due to a disability. It does not matter if their impairment is due to a physical or mental condition or its causes, for instance it may be due to an accident.

How much you can claim depends on how well you can look after yourself in your own home and how much independent mobility you have. The DLA is split in two sections which are known as components, your application will be assessed on these two factors. The first component relates to the amount of care you can give yourself. The second component refers to your mobility, for instance you may have difficulty walking about your home unaided. Each component has its own specific rates of allowance and pay. Typically you must have had your disability for 3 months before you can apply, and it must also be expected to continue for a further 6 months more after your initial application.

When you apply with a disability form for the DLA you will have to undergo a medical examination.

It is a non-means tested benefit and is also tax free, how much you receive will ultimately depend your level of eligibility. If you need assistance with your household chores during both the day and night then you may get receive more.

To be able to claim this disability benefit you must be a UK resident and be under the age of 65. You can claim the Disability Living Allowance even if you are in employment, however if you have savings in your bank then you should declare them. Any savings you have or income you receiving will be taken into consideration in working out how much you are entitled to. If you happen to live in a certain form of residential home then that may affect the amount of money you receive.