There are many disability aids and services made available by employers and also society as a whole to make life easier for and to help those people with a disability. Here we will to highlight and explain those services which can help a disabled person in their daily life and also in their search for diversity jobs vacancies. Consider this page as a useful resource on giving you basic factual information about disability aids and services that should make life easier for many people.

Wheelchair access
For those people who have a lot of difficulty in walking, having mobility aids like a wheelchair is a very useful to get around. Some are manual and others are electric powered. Wheelchairs are fine in wide open spaces and buildings with flat surfaces, but can be a hindrance in getting into buildings or up stairs.

Gaining access to a building can be a problem for those in a wheelchair, like for instance getting up stairs, in these circumstances a stairlift would be a great help. Its for this reason that special platform lifts, or wheelchair ramps are sometimes available to help get around steps or raised areas. The wheelchair lift themselves should be easy to use, for instance the control buttons should be within reach of the wheelchair user.

Generally speaking if a building has a lift or other services to help wheelchair users gain access they will prominently display the International Symbol of Access.

Disabled toilet
these will be specially adapted and designed toilets for disabled users, and will generally speaking have a ramp, for wheelchair users, as well as a disabled toilet alarm, typically a emergency cord installed in the toilet and a hand rail to assist people in getting up. The toilet it self will be bigger than the standard size, to help people who are bigger than average, the cubicle room will also be wider allowing extra room for manoeuvrability.

Large print books
Fro those people who have poor eyesight and require special needs when reading then having literature in large print would be very useful. This type of print is different from Braille, which is a type of text specifically for blind people only. Large print books which can be found in many public libraries are read by many elderly people who simply find it easier to read them than more standard text.


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