In most modern workplaces today there are many people from all different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, it is essential to the productivity of a organisation / company that they all work as a team. This is where the role of a advisor comes in.
These types of dedicated jobs are mostly advertised in the public sector, or in the HR departments of major companies. A diversity advisor is a specialist role where you will be expected to give direction on issues like race, equal opportunities, gender equality to staff and managers.

Job description
The job of a diversity advisor is to act in a supporting role and to give advice and also advise on strategy on diversity issues, equality and to promote inclusion. You will be based in the company personnel office or Human Resources department. Your responsibilities will be to set long term objectives, work closely with the HR department staff of your company, and liaise and give feedback to senior management. You may also have to advise on or arrange workplace diversity training programmes for staff, on issues like age discrimination and combating prejudice.

You must have excellent communication skills in both writing and speaking to be able to resolve disputes and improve employee relations. In your role as a advisor you will be expected to implement HR Equalities & Diversity plans that will have a big affect on people at work.

Qualifications and experience
Most companies would prefer applicants to any diversity advisor jobs to be educated to degree level. If you have any experience in similar roles in your past career then that would be advantageous. Having a keen interest in equal opportunities for all and knowledge of current legislation would be very helpful when applying for this type of position.

Typical starting salary for this type of role would be from £18,000 per annum up to £30,000.

Further information

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
151 The Broadway, London, SW19 1JQ
Telephone: 020 8612 6200


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