How to monitor diversity initiatives in public sector organisations and also private sector companies

For organisations interested in implementing and promoting diversity initiatives in their workplace it is important to monitor any initiatives they implement. One way to professionally monitor initiatives is to carry out regular survey’s of your organisations employees and workforce. The feedback you get will help you to guage the effectivness of any diversity initiatives. Below is a example of a survey carried out, hopefully this will give you a idea of whats involved.

To find out what diversity initiatives organisations are carrying out, and to see how successful these initiatives have been, a managing diversity survey was undertaken of organisations throughout the UK. Listed below is a description of how the survey was conducted.

Survey development

There were a number of stages in the design of the survey questionnaire firstly a literature review of each companies workers, including their sex, ethnicity, religion, age and disability. These were taken in order to find out the key actions that organisations should be taking in control of a diverse workforce especially in relation to public sector jobs. The opinions and ideas from the literature review were consolidated into the initiatives that formed the basis of our original managing- diversity questionnaire. These initiatives were those that were known to be important in creating a diversity-oriented organisation. Examples of the initiatives included in the questionnaire are the:

explicit policy on harassment introduced
condition of fair selection training to recruiters
terms of assistance with childminding

The questionnaire also noted the background details of the people that took the questionnaire. Among the details that were required to be entered in the survey were the size and sector of the organisation, the decision for taking action in each specific area, they way in which initiatives were monitored and evaluated, and their priorities for the up and coming years. All sections of the organisations workforce were asked to fill in the questionaire, these included white, black and other BME groups.


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