Public sector employers that advertise diversity jobs do so to promote equality diversity and inclusion

If you are interested in a career in the field of diversity work and want career advice in your job search for diversity jobs then you will find this page a useful resource. We aim to give jobseekers a detailed job description of what would be expected of you in this industry.

The type of public sector employers you could be working for, the salary you could expect to earn, receive and also your working hours.

On this job site you will also find the latest diversity jobs from employers recruiting for diversity work related roles. It goes without saying that diversity work does not mean just looking after the interest of ethnic minority employees, but of all employees in your company be they black or white.

For diversity employment roles you will need to have very good communication skills as you will be spending a lot of time talking to employees and management trying to resolve disputes. You can expect to spend a fair amount of time investigating complaints and allegations of discrimination, then interviewing the people involved and then writing reports for senior managers. Diversity work for you will mean regular contact with trade unions and the Commission for Racial Equality [CRE] will be necessary to resolve disputes and allegations. Diversity jobs are usually based in the Human Resources [HR] department, or attached o the personnel office. It goes without saying that as a diversity specialist you must have detailed knowledge of discrimination laws and also the latest equality and diversity legislation. This point is important to note as you may be asked to advise and make recommendations to senior managers and also company staff on diversity issues.

Having a diversity job role in the public service be a fulfilling and challenging employment, as one of your main tasks will be to ensure equal opportunities for all and an end workplace discrimination. You will make sure that employees know their rights, but remember you are not a solicitor and should not give legal advice. You main task will be to promote equal treatment and opportunity for staff regardless of disability or age etc.

Most organisations and recruiters, especially public sector employers will have diversity resources and policies and practises in place to ensure fair and equal treatment for all of their employees. Some but not all of these companies will have permanent staff whose job it is to ensure that equality and workplace diversity is implemented and enforced. There can be a number of different titles given to diversity jobs, like an equality and diversity manager. Whatever your job title you must have excellent channels of communication to senior managers within your organisation, so you can ensure diversity initiatives and action plans are implemented.

One way of managing diversity and promoting inclusion in your company is to provide staff with diversity training, this will mean you will be developing training courses for your colleagues. A good practical example of this is for you to bring a wheelchair in to your office, and ask your colleagues to sit in it, so they can get to feel what it’s like to be a disabled person.

Anyone who has a diversity jobs role must ensure that there is no discrimination in their workplace against any employees, be they black white or BME. For those who do not know BME stands for Black Minority Ethnic. People may complain about being discriminated about because of their race, religious beliefs, disability or age. Any employee with a complaint will complain first to either their union representative or to a diversity adviser. In cases like this anyone involved in diversity management would be expected to give guidance and professional impartial advice to all parties involved. Major employers realise the benefits of equality diversity and inclusion, also known as EDI. Research has shown that positive policies like these can increase productivity for companies and make a better work environment.

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