In a diversity management role you will have to take charge of your employers diversity in the workplace policy, and also offer advice to your colleagues and staff on related issues. You must display good communication and diplomatic skills to be able to resolve the potentially divisive issues of discrimination and inclusion and to bring any problems to a satisfactory and just conclusion. You must be able to work independently and be sensitive to cultural diversity issues, and have the ability to work with people from all levels.

All public service employers that advertise diversity manager jobs and also the vast majority of private firms have policies in place to combat discrimination based on age, cultural differences, race or disability in the workplace and promote diversity and inclusion. Many studies have shown that positive policies like this also lead to greater workplace productivity and also improvement in customer service.

Job description
As a diversity manager you will need general office management administrative skills to co-ordinate and plan office tasks, set targets and also manage the clerical work of your organisation. Good organizing skills are a must as you will be setting goals to promote best practice in your company and will be co-ordinating a people working below you. You will have to monitor the work load of secretaries and clerks within your team and also evaluate the results of any projects you undertake and draw conclusions and recommendations for senior managers.

Apart from the day to day running of the office, it is essential that you have knowledge of the full spectrum of anti-discrimination equality and diversity legislation. This is because you will need to give advice on how to implement new laws and regulations. You will have to do regular equality impact assessments and then write your conclusions in reports to line managers, you may also be asked to put into effect a Single Equality Scheme. The companies human resource departments will be in regular contact with you to ensure they are correct in their legal obligations as regards diversity employment.

In any diversity manager jobs you will have to deal professionally with controversial issues like racism and affirmative action in the workplace, as there will always be two opposing views on these subjects. Excellent negotiating and influencing skills are require to be able to resolve disputes that may include trade unions and project managers. You will not only be dealing with matters of workplace diversity and race but also putting into place anti-bullying and harassment policies, this requires you to be able to work under pressure.

The ability to deliver and organise diversity training to those individuals who may need it is also important. One of your tasks could be to develop links with links with minority organisations and community groups to promote your company and to advertise its commitment to multiculturalism, race relations and also equal opportunities for all.

Qualifications and training
If you are seeking a career in managing diversity then you must be educated to degree level or equivalent, you should also preferably have other managerial qualifications e.g. CIPD. Having good problem solving abilities and being able to make the right decisions is also very important.
Any managerial experience of working in public sector jobs and being able to deliver key objectives on time in public service organisation would be advantageous.


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