In any fire emergency inside a building smoke may be present or the electricity may be cut resulting in darkness inside the premises and the occupants not being able to see the exit doors. In circumstances like these it is very important to have emergency lighting, as when they come on they can significantly help people see the exits and therefore leave the building quickly. In the UK these lights are installed in all newly built business buildings like office blocks as well as residential premises of high occupancy.

On this specific page we will explain to you the different types of emergency lights available on the market and how they can ensure fire safety for your company or organisation. On this page get basic emergency planning advice and guidance on cost effective fire exit signs that will be suitable for your building interior.

Before you actually buy any fluorescent lighting you should first of all decide on where exactly in your workplace you want to place your safety lights. Do you want the emergency exit signs to be wall mounted or hanging from the ceiling, do you want them to become illuminated in the event of a fire, or just to be a bright colour. Note that the majority tend to come in two colours either red or green. If the lighting is to be installed outside a building them make sure you purchase weatherproof lights. Measure up the exact spot so you know the size you should buy. Be sure to measure the dimensions, including height, width and depth.

Other points to consider when buying emergency lighting are:-

Whether it can be wall mounted, or hanging from the ceiling and if are there any restrictions on this.

Also check its bulb light output, meaning how bright is it, can it be seen from some distance.

Decide if you would like the lights to be battery powered or to be sourced from the main electricity, if you decide on batteries then find out how long the back up power will last for.

Ensure the spotlights you are buying come with warranty and are new and not refurbished.

You can buy either fluorescent light bulb or a LED light bulb, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. LED lights tend to last for long periods, sometimes up to 7 years.

Does the exit signs have a self test facility for you to check if it’s working, remember some lights test themselves at regular intervals.

Ensure the lights have a reflector on them to maximize their brightness.

Make sure they have a manual switch off button so you can turn off the light alarm once the power outage is over and the electricity has come back on.