These modules focuses on a student’s ability to discuss how creativity and cognitive processes provide the basis for new ideas and innovation when actions are applied into your work. This module also requires you to demonstrate a range of personal creative tendencies and entrepreneurial skills. By doing so you will show signs of entrepreneurial creativity and Innovation which could lead to a grade A through meeting the expectations of this module which are available through the assignment brief.

The criteria you should include in your assignment consist of being able to show knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial tendencies as well as creativity and an application of the model to the individual. Show the usage and skill of the tools and techniques through creative thinking. Display the application of creative problem solving models in relation to fund raising and how you would exhibit your creativity. Assess your personal creative learning journey on the module as well as evidence of wider research and reading, with appropriate referencing to your findings.

Typically this report weighs in at 60% of the module which requires you to write an individual 2500 word informal report on the creative ideation and planning of a fundraising activity for a charity of the student’s choice, you need to produce a detailed action plan for this activity; this will be supported by suitable idea creation theories and concepts.

You will be expected to write a comprehensive reflection and evaluation of your personal experience on this Module, again using appropriate test results and theories to support any work you may have copied from elsewhere that may need referencing.  If your theories are not referenced properly you could lose valuable marks as it is crucial that you display an impressive amount of theories and quotations in order to maximise your end grade.

In order to receive a grade A for this assignment you need to demonstrate an outstanding submission of the tools and techniques of creative thinking. In relation to this, you must also display a high level of problem solving skills. You must approach any event you write about in an original and creative manor. You must also create links between any ideas or theories you may have stated and use a wider context when placing issues. In addition, you must also ensure that you use critical analysis when putting across theories as well as evaluating ideas in literature from research. When referencing you must also ensure it is accurate, logical and a well planned sequencing use of material. A well organised report is also required as well as an appropriate style of presentation, clarity and precision of writing and fluent use of language.


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