Get a job in conservation and look after the environment

Environmental conservation has a large variety of activities from recycling waste to habitat management. Not only does it involve green issues its all about making the finest use of scientific knowledge to produce solutions for a sustainable environment. Preservation includes the safety of rural and urban landscapes, plants and animals and countryside activity. In addition to all of this having a environmental conservation job also includes protection and management of rivers, costal zones and waterways, jointly with their fisheries and fish stocks.

There are many job opportunities in a wide variety of organisations from government departments to public sector jobs to the voluntary sector. Competition for environmental conservation jobs is soaring but there but there can be a decrease of applicants with practice, which frequently needs to be gained through voluntary work. A huge amount of those working for conservation organisations does so in an intended, casual or part-time source. It is approximated that 47,000 paid employees work in this sector at the side of 200,000 volunteers. The mainstream of those in enduring jobs have advanced education qualifications.

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