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As the job title suggests this is a position that requires you to be in charge of environmental issues like food safety and the well being of the public. You will be responsible for making sure that the food we consume, our workplaces and where we live are safe for us. Health and safety will be your key priority, as well as encouraging a understanding of what your environmental health department does.

Job description
A environmental health officer will not spend his day sitting behind a desk, but will be out in the field, visiting premises, inspecting them and investigating environmental health issues. They will be involved in offering advice to business people and the general public as well as serving statutory notices and prosecuting offenders. As with most public sector jobs involving contact with the general public any applicants should have good written and verbal communication skills as well an ability to listen and project authority.

Jobseekers who apply for any environmental health officer jobs should be aware that In your daily routine you could be investigating restaurants who are compromising on food safety, or whose chef’s may not have been on any food hygiene courses. Or you could be inspecting a house where the tenants have complained about poor living conditions or being treated badly by their landlord. You will be working in partnership with other safety consultants and government departments especially environmental services. Your case load involves cases like arranging for a blocked drain to be opened for a pensioner, as well as dealing with nuisance issues like noise pollution.

Most environmental health officer jobs are normally advertised on council jobs sites as well as in the national press, or general public sector jobs boards. Having said that environmental health practitioners are also employed in the private sector, for instance by supermarkets to ensure the quality of their food is high.

Qualifications and training
As this job requires you to be hands on, your training will require academic qualifications as well as on site training. Any one interested in a career in this industry must pass a degree course in environmental health, at a university that has been recommended by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health . This degree will also include you having to successfully pass a practical food inspection course.

Further information

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Chadwick Court
15 Hatfields
London SE1 8DJ
Telephone: 020 7928 6006
Website: www.cieh.org


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